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Chicago scenes

I love Chicago.

On this business trip, I took an extra day to catch up with alumni and go the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Prokofiev, Poulenc, and Gounod, with the magnificent Chicago Symphony Chorus).

The Chicago visit (Amtrak both directions) included a huge meal at Berghoff’s, a college fair at Northwestern University, a late dinner with my voice studio alum Charlie Ingram, brunch with Ball State alum Josh Stierley, the symphony concert, drinks with my dear friend Adam Hendrickson, and dinner around the corner at an Irish pub.

And my new favorite Hampton Inn, just off Michigan Avenue, a block south of the Chicago River.

As I write on Saturday morning, I’ve spent some time in the Metropolitan Lounge at Chicago Union Station.  I’m so pleased to see some Amtrak operations moved back into the splendor of the old terminal, and to find a dedicated & comfortable business class lounge at the station as well.


Beloved former student Josh Stierley, now working on a doctorate at UIC.

Chicago River from my hotel room, with Wacker Drive.

Rahm schnitzel at Berghoff’s.

With Webster alum Charlie Ingram, my former voice student.





I do love Chicago.

But I don’t love walking with a cane, in Chicago.

So I left home this morning and walked to the CWE Metrolink station.  That was a mistake.

I saw worn out by the time I got to the train.  At the airport, I asked for a wheelchair assist in Chicago, which saved me a great deal of walking at Midway.

Here in Chicago, I’m taking public transit everywhere. This afternoon’s visit was the to the Newberry Library to see their exhibits and do a bit of book shopping.

Now, at 4.15 p.m., I am at my hotel on Printer’s Row just south of Congress Parkway, and resting until time for dinner with a friend.

Chicago is filled with characters.  The stories I could tell, just from the last three hours…..


Few things speak CHICAGO more clearly than a ride from Midway to the Loop on the Orange Line.

The scenery is right out of a movie.

The smells are right out of ‘Homeless Central.’

And the views crossing State and Wabash on the way to the Library station, especially when everything is dusted with snow, are absolutely classic.

I’m now at the Palmer House Hilton, having eaten a salad for dinner, and happily in one of my favorite cities in the world.