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More travel photos

The EU has quite different labeling laws for packaged and processed foods!

And even though I’m not a fan of coconut, the idea of ‘rasped’ coconut makes me happy.

Madrid airport, Monday morning.

Bulkhead seat!

The coast of Spain as we near the Atlantic.

Morocco: favorite photos

Home less than a week, and I miss Morocco . . . .

Tangier: departure

From the airport —

In the exec lounge, breakfast condiments.

The jet to wing me away.

The runway ends at the ocean. Here’s the surf, breaking taller than an SUV.

The pilot took off heading east, and then past Tangier banked a 270 pig-tail turn.

And I got to see Tangier from the air!

Notice the scallop-shaped bay on the east side of town. That’s the bay about which I wrote on Wednesday morning — a natural harbor for sailors and pirates alike.

In the cropped photo, you’ll notice three taller building just to the right of center. The buildings have dark window glass. The most easterly of these is the Hilton. My windows, on the other (north) side of the hotel, looked out onto the bay, and over to Spain, which you can see most clearly in the cropped (second) photo.

Tangier: American Legation

The American Legation building in Tangier has a long and storied history, and I was delighted to visit on Saturday.


A few photos:

Tangier: a funny story

This happened on Thursday:

My French speaking chef teacher today contacted me on WhatsApp with a standard French greeting. (She is sending photos and videos later.) Her spellcheck self-corrected the word. Imagine my surprise when I returned to my hotel to find this local number using a four letter word to describe me. After about 30 seconds I puzzled it out, and responded appropriately.

Here is one of the photos that followed: