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Choir Boy

My Tuesday in NYC ended with a performance of the play Choir Boy in a detailed and affecting performance by an ensemble cast.

I cried just a bit at the end.

Earlier Tuesday:

  • Greenwich Village for tea and some Taiwanese Linzer cookies
  • vegan lunch with Jacob Scott
  • a stop by the Happy Socks store
  • a nap
  • dinner with Yufei at a brasserie
  • snow, then sleet and freezing rain, then pouring rain in the evening
  • soaked shoes
  • a Tito’s & tonic nightcap

This week’s menu

[revised after a trip to the market]

Sunday, February 3
Breakfast of sourdough toast and bacon
Dinner of shrimp skewers and lemon butter new potatoes (Cooking for Two, p. 166), plus steamed green beans
After Evensong, evening snack of pot-stickers

Oatmeal and toast at breakfast
Lunch with a colleague
Dinner of Slow-Cooker New Mexican Red Pork Chili (Cooking for Two, p. 281) and homemade tortilla chips

Grits, cheese, fruit at breakfast
Lunch at Southwest Diner (it’s Tamale Tuesday, after all!)
Dinner of leftover shrimp and a salad

Eggs and sausage at breakfast
Lunch of leftover red pork chili
Dinner of curried chicken salad and some fruit

Thursday (sourdough day)
Toast, cheese, scrambled eggs, sausage at breakfast
Ham & cheese quiche and salad for lunch (Cooking for Two, p. 338)
Leftovers after Variety Club rehearsal

French toast and sausage at breakfast, then make almond cake (Cooking for Two, p. 395)
Lunch with an old friend
Dinner of slow-cooker barbecued steak tips  and homemade French fries (Cooking for Two, p. 286), and almond cake

usual Saturday breakfast: sausage and eggs
French cooking class at the Botanical Garden for lunch
More leftovers at dinner (quiche or curried chicken salad); almond cake

At the grocer’s:

  • instant tapioca
  • sole
  • eggs
  • 1 lb. steak tips
  • shallots
  • Gruyère
  • chicken broth
  • 1 lb. country-style boneless pork ribs
  • salad fixings
  • cream
  • milk
  • corn tortillas
  • hominy
  • tonic water

And from Penzey’s:

  • celery
  • bell pepper mix

I’m traveling much of the following week, so the menu will resume on Sunday, February 17.

English muffins

What to do with extra sourdough starter?

Make sourdough English muffins!

My first attempt was successful as making sourdough bread in the shape and style of English muffins. Less so in making the texture.

Mine are too spongy. Next time I’ll do what my instinct told me — measure by weight rather than volume.

But this was a fun and tasty experiment!

Sourdough English muffins cooling on the counter.

Thursday morning. A breakfast sandwich of a bacon/cheese omelet on a homemade English muffin.

Sticking to it

Sticking to this week’s menu, my early-afternoon meal today was homemade cream of mushroom soup (using the recipe from The Joy of Cooking), with a spring greens salad and homemade vinaigrette, and a slab of homemade sourdough and some Irish butter.

“Yum and happy-tummy” doesn’t begin to state my sated state….

I bought chives the other day. First time in my life, since I always just use green onions. But I need to use up the chives. Thus, the garnish. I’m going to chop and dry the rest of them, I think.


AKA potstickers.  GyozaJiaozi.  饺子.

Whatever you call them, the homemade ones I put together Sunday morning, a portion of which I cooked Sunday evening, are the best.

I know that some restaurants may serve jiaozi that are just as good, but something about making these from scratch at home makes them even more enjoyable.

I only ate eight of them, but could have eaten my weight!  (I froze the remaining 32, and will get four more meals from my homemade potstickers.)

From start to finish:

Scallions at the ready.

Ground pork, some sherry, some ginger, some white pepper, some soy sauce, a bit of sugar, corn starch, the scallions.

And the pork mixture is done.

My pleating improved as I learned the technique. Top left is among the first I made, and the lower right is near the last of the assembly line.

Eight potstickers for dinner. Cooked in a cast iron skillet, of course.

The finished product.

And a Xi’an cucumber salad. The dressing is soy sauce, dark rice vinegar, sesame oil, chili oil, sugar, salt. It burns the lips. And the garnish is roasted peanuts and some toasted sesame seeds.