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This week’s menu

Easter Sunday
Bacon, eggs, homemade bread
Meat loaf and salad
Lamb chops, new potatoes, green beans, lemon cake

Monday, 22 April
Bacon, eggs, grits
Meat loaf and stuff, lemon cake
Caesar salad, fruit

Tuesday, 23 April
Bacon and fried egg sandwich, fruit
Meat loaf, green beans, fruit
Taco salad, lemon cake

Wednesday, 24 April
Bacon and eggs as usual
Tuna salad sandwich, chops, fruit
The last of the meatloaf and salad, lemon cake

Thursday, 25 April
Usual breakfast, probably
Lunch with department chairs and Provost
Tuna salad sandwich on the way to Variety rehearsal
Post-rehearsal snack of lemon cake

Friday, 26 April
Southwest Diner breakfast
Cheese & crackers, oranges
Pasta and salad of some sort

Saturday, 27 April
Usual breakfast
Meals en route to/from State Music Contest

Sunday morning

6.40 a.m. I bolted awake. Why? Who knows…..

I came home from last evening’s concert and made the enriched yeast dough for cinnamon & brown sugar babkas.

So this morning has been occupied at the kitchen counter, mixing filling and prepping the pans, rolling dough, twisting and prepping the babkas. They go in the oven momentarily.

I’ll post after they are finished and I have a photo to share.

This week’s menu

Sunday, March 3
Sourdough French toast and bacon, fruit
Leftovers at lunch
Tacos and refried beans

Monday, March 4
Bacon and eggs, fruit
Lunch with an old friend
Classic pork ragu (Cooking for Two, p. 222), pasta, salad

Tuesday, March 5
Savory breakfast muffins (Baking for Two, p. 32)
Lunch with a colleague
Caesar salad, sourdough cheese bread, tapioca

Wednesday, March 6
Savory breakfast muffins
Leftover pork ragu
Chicken and lentils, apple crisp

Thursday, March 7
Bacon and eggs
Crown Candy at lunch
Leftover chicken and lentils, apple crisp

Friday, March 8 — sourdough day
Bacon and eggs
Gyoza at lunch
Tacos and refried beans, tapioca

Contest and then to NYC on Saturday.


  • 2.5 lbs. bone-in chicken pieces
  • Le Puy lentils
  • 8 oz. pancetta
  • 3 Granny Smith apples
  • 12 oz. bone-in country-style pork ribs

This week’s menu

Tuesday, February 26
Breakfast at Southwest Diner
Greek-herbed chicken breast, and rice pilaf with pine nuts (https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/pine-nut-and-rice-pilaf)
Tacos and refried beans

Wednesday, February 27
Eggs & bacon, sourdough toast, then make an almond cake (Cooking for Two, p. 395)
Cooking class at lunchtime
Caesar salad with chicken and homemade dressing, almond cake

Thursday, February 28 — sourdough day!
Sourdough French toast and bacon
Fish Menuiere, rice pilaf, almond cake

Friday, March 1
Eggs & bacon, sourdough toast
Caesar salad, scalloped potatoes (Baking for Two, p. 200)
Barbecued steak tips (Cooking for Two, p. 286), hominy, tapioca

Saturday, March 2
Two meals at Alton High School whilst adjudicating
Leftovers at dinner, or possibly another gig with Ruth Price

Tuesday morning grocery list:

  • fruit
  • chicken breast
  • Romaine lettuce
  • sole
  • diced ham
  • potatoes
  • blanched almonds
  • milk & cream
  • pancetta

And from Penzey’s:

  • celery
  • bell pepper mix

This week’s menu

[revised after a trip to the market]

Sunday, February 3
Breakfast of sourdough toast and bacon
Dinner of shrimp skewers and lemon butter new potatoes (Cooking for Two, p. 166), plus steamed green beans
After Evensong, evening snack of pot-stickers

Oatmeal and toast at breakfast
Lunch with a colleague
Dinner of Slow-Cooker New Mexican Red Pork Chili (Cooking for Two, p. 281) and homemade tortilla chips

Grits, cheese, fruit at breakfast
Lunch at Southwest Diner (it’s Tamale Tuesday, after all!)
Dinner of leftover shrimp and a salad

Eggs and sausage at breakfast
Lunch of leftover red pork chili
Dinner of curried chicken salad and some fruit

Thursday (sourdough day)
Toast, cheese, scrambled eggs, sausage at breakfast
Ham & cheese quiche and salad for lunch (Cooking for Two, p. 338)
Leftovers after Variety Club rehearsal

French toast and sausage at breakfast, then make almond cake (Cooking for Two, p. 395)
Lunch with an old friend
Dinner of slow-cooker barbecued steak tips  and homemade French fries (Cooking for Two, p. 286), and almond cake

usual Saturday breakfast: sausage and eggs
French cooking class at the Botanical Garden for lunch
More leftovers at dinner (quiche or curried chicken salad); almond cake

At the grocer’s:

  • instant tapioca
  • sole
  • eggs
  • 1 lb. steak tips
  • shallots
  • Gruyère
  • chicken broth
  • 1 lb. country-style boneless pork ribs
  • salad fixings
  • cream
  • milk
  • corn tortillas
  • hominy
  • tonic water

And from Penzey’s:

  • celery
  • bell pepper mix

I’m traveling much of the following week, so the menu will resume on Sunday, February 17.