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#TBT: Poppie

My maternal grandfather, Edwin Lee Blocher Sr., left us in 1967.  I was his second grandson. And I have very few photos with him.

Left: me at barely two years old, with Edwin and Ruth Blocher, and my cousin Keith, their first-born grandson.

Center: Poppie in his late teens in California, late 1920s.

Right: I’m in Poppie’s arms in summer 1962.

#TBT: last week

Thanks to my friend and colleague Jean Huber for capturing a bit of the cabaret show on video, and sharing it with me.

September Song, by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson, is a song I dared not sing until I was old enough, until I had lived and loved enough.

I have, so here it is.

And the concert review is posted!