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#TBT: Opus 2

In the midst of all the Circus Harmony composing, I thought I might share my Op. 2.

January 1978.

I was 16 and 1/2 years old.

”Prelude and Hymn” for piano.

And it’s awful.  Just bloody awful imitation of Bach.  Breaking all the master’s rules.  Plus it’s uninteresting.

I think I wrote this for a music theory course in high school, but then I thought I took that in my senior year, and this would have been written in my junior year at Lee’s Summit High School.

Anyhow, sound file is below if anyone can stomach it.


#TBT: Hydra

Memories from the island of Hydra off the coast of Peloponnesus, Greece, in September 2015.


Sunday morning bells:


#TBT: Shelby’s baptism

My dear friends Karyn and Cindy welcomed a son to their home in 1999.  Shelby is now a student at Temple University.

Twenty years ago this month, I stood with his parents and others at his baptism in Kansas City.

These are special and dear people.

In the photo, Karyn and Cindy are just to the right of center, and I’m on the left of center in the red tie.

#TBT: groups

As I was going through photos this summer, I discovered various photos that I had totally un-remembered.

Plaza Heights Baptist Church youth choir, 1986. I was leading the choir, and we were performing the musical “The Witness.”

This must be 1984, just after I started at Southwest Baptist. Two of these guys were suitemates of mine two years earlier. This was the Admissions recruiting staff at Southwest Baptist University. I’m at right.
Jacomo Chorale, ca. 1995. I’m in the white tie.