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#TBT 1976

What an era-specific Olan Mills photo this is!

1976. Early in sophomore year. I loved this leisure suit.

For more on leisure suits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leisure_suit.


#TBT: Jason’s Song

From last week, this performance of “Jason’s Song,” written in 2014.  The video is from the Facebook Live feed.  Apologies for the camera angle at the back of the room . . . .

The entire cabaret performance from 27 February 2018 is posted on my Facebook page!

#TBT: Class evaluation

1987 – 1999.  My parents were missionaries to Argentina.  I wrote regularly, first by long-hand, then by typing — sometimes using aerograms, sometimes using onion-skin paper — and later by sending faxes of typed letters, and finally moving to email.

From May 1990, here’s a letter recounting the end of my first semester of college teaching, and the comments from the Longview Community College professor who evaluated my teaching: