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Without travel plans, and with a week of Spring Break in my studio, I was able to attend both St. Louis Arches performances this weekend at the City Museum.  (Perhaps foolishly, given the number of people in attendance.)

Several of the Arches were on break, or out because of virus concerns, but five brave souls put on one helluva show.  Here’s the final act, with Jahlah, Sabrina, Ethan, Dennis, and Philip:

I love these kids!


I have not posted Circus Harmony photos for a few weeks, so I’m remedying that with some shots from yesterday’s showcase performance at the City Museum.

The giant globe is always fun:

Sean is prepping for the Fox Teen Talent Competition:

As are Rykardo and DeVante:

As well as Lacey and Eliot:

The diabolo act was fun:

The Saint Louis Globetrotters made an appearance:

Dennis is on crew while his broken arm heals:

And Phlip, true to his moniker, wowed us with back flips:




Thursday. I came home from work at 4 because I kept getting interrupted. And instead of doing another hour of Webster University Department of Music work at home as planned, I set about doing some cleaning and tidying. (Flat surfaces were loading down again.)

Christmas Eve. The Baileys gave me a lovely handmade gift of my family name, with a different photo for each letter. These photos each relate to some aspect of my relationship with this wonderful couple and their 3+1 boys (Rykardo is the circus student from Puerto Rico living with them this year).

One of the photos (R) is of the Webster University campus sign. The E is from Ted Drewe’s, which the boys love. The T comes from the Circus Harmony Fluente show poster. The A is from the City Museum, the initial R from the Circus Flora logo. I don’t recall where the initial letter (C) came from.

The beautiful handmade piece now hangs in my kitchen, above the door to the hallway. I’m delighted indeed!  I spend a great deal of time in this room, and I’ll see this gift, made with creativity and love, regularly.

I still didn’t get my Webster University work done, but the house is tidier, and my walls are happier.

Just like that

Just like that, it’s over.

Fluente is in the books as history.

I actually shed a tear before the show. I just don’t want this one to end.

The hugs and thank-yous and kindnesses are always heartfelt, but especially so today.

Here’s the final pose, as snapped by my brother-in-law:

I’ve already sketched some music for next year’s show, so I guess I’m coming back!

My youngest sister and her husband and daughter were in the audience on Sunday:

One day more

Circus Harmony closes the ginormous January show with one final performance today at 2 p.m.

Are you in Saint Louis?  Within a two-hour drive?  Trust me — this show is the place to be this afternoon.

5 Things To Do in St. Louis This Weekend | January 24 – 26

The acts feature flying seagulls, juggling fishermen, a contorting octopus, hoop-diving deck-hands, mermaids, lobsters, jellyfish, and so much more.  The theme — Fluente, an underseas circus adventure  — is amply carried out on stage.

This show has been such a joy to compose and rehearse!  And I am more and more a believer in Circus Harmony.