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So some days one is quite chuffed, and makes his way home in the ice, stopping even at Aldi and trying to get some Thai food, only to find the restaurant is closed because of inclement weather.

And then one clambers up the back steps with Circus harmony music bag, a grocery bag, and a packed briefcase from work.

And then one opens the front door, takes a look at the concrete steps, and sees no issues . . . only to find that the last two steps are ice covered.  Of course one might also have broken two bones in the same leg in two consecutive years, and be terrified of falling on stairs, and always hold onto the railing.

Taking that penultimate step, one might conceivably go down on one’s buttocks, landing hard on the os sacrum against the leading edge of a concrete step.  One might conceivably also be in quite a bit of discomfort.

After taking to bed for two hours, then struggling to stand up, one might lounge in his chair, seated on a coccyx pillow, a massage pillow perched against his lower back, with the heat on.  And one might feel a bit of relief.

One might also decide to make sausage rolls.  And watch basketball.

Posting for a friend.

It’s away

400+ pages.  The every-ten-year accreditation self-study for the National Association of Schools of Music.  It went in the post on Thursday.

My long travail is over for a few days.  Now on to other things, such as

  • Circus Harmony and three shows this weekend
  • Webster University Opera Studio opening night on Friday
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and a day off from teaching courses, but not from teaching voice lessons
  • the Community Music School orchestra concert Sunday evening
  • and a movie Monday evening!
  • Missouri Music Educators Association annual conference later next week, where I hand over my gavel after a term as President of the Missouri Association of Departments and Schools of Music
  • another weekend of circus shows next week.

January has been a rollicking romp already!

Saturday evening at home

Saturday evening at home. Snow is falling outdoors, and the roads are rough. I’m staying in, which is what I had intended to do anyhow.

The MainStage programming is all complete, the pieces are written, and tomorrow I meet the band and rehearse for the first (and only) time. This time next week, two Circus Harmony Fluente shows will be down, with four to go.

I’m spending the evening indoors, working on the NASM self-study that must be in the post on Wednesday. This project is giving me that feeling I have when I’m on my last day abroad — I want to enjoy one more day, but I can feel the call of home, and my mind is already there. My mind is already on other things, especially since school begins Monday.

And tomorrow is a circus day.

Realizing this morning what the weather would be today, I decided to make some shepherd’s pie. I had one brick of frozen ground lamb left in the freezer, so I thawed it today. Minced lamb with carrots and thyme and gravy was the base; mashed Yukon Gold potatoes with butter and Parmesan the top layer. Cheddar cheese finished it off.

#TBT: my circus story

One year ago, I wrote a post about wanting to join the circus when I was a child. Little did I know how joining the circus now as an adult would change my life.


So here is the shameless plug:

I am music director & composer for Circus Harmony  Saint Louis’ only social circus organization, using the circus arts to motivate social change.  The top-level kids from this group, age 8 through 20, put on a full-length circus show with live band every January. I’ve written the music for the show, and will lead the live band for the performances.

FLUENTE is an underwater circus adventure, suitable for all ages.  Imagine blowfish on stilts, seagulls walking a wire, fisherman juggling, and an octopus contorting, and you get the idea.

This group deserves a huge audience for each show, and so I’m sending a personal invitation in hopes that you’ll purchase tickets to one of the performances.  Gather a group and have an outing?  This show is SO fun . . . SO engaging . . . SO fresh and different.  It’s a delight that anyone interested in clean laughs and thrills should see!

Tickets are available here and at the door.  Circus Harmony performs at the City Museum, so you could add on the rest of the day at the museum for an additional $7 once you arrive for a show.

HEADS UP: You will want to bring a seat cushion, since the bum grows tiered after sitting on the hard benches for 90 minutes.

Show dates are Saturday, January 18 and 25 at 2 and 7 p.m., and Sunday January 19 and 26, at 2 p.m.

I hope to see you there!


Antonio is now five and a half years old and a ball of energy.  His mother, Ellen, was my graduate assistant at Webster some years ago.  I last saw Antonio when I fed him a bottle and then rocked him to sleep early in Fall 2014.  Take a look: https://jeffreycarter.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/baby-antonio/

Antonio is now enrolled in a class at Circus Harmony.  His mother is playing violin in the circus band for Fluente.  They came to one of the showcase performances this last Saturday: