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The circus

Well, apparently I ran away and joined the circus much earlier than I remember!

I’ve been telling people I ran away and joined the circus when I was 57 years old, and joined up with Circus Harmony.

But NO!

I have uncovered documentary evidence that I joined the circus in 2001 in Brazil, where I was on a Rotary International Group Study Exchange program, and was plucked from the audience to be part of the on-stage activity:

Jugglemob? Jugglebomb?

Jessica the Circus Lady (and Miss Maple) and the Bailey family stopped by today after a gig out in the county. I knew I was going to see them, and had prepped the garden for some distance visiting (including mowing and putting mower tracks on the lawn, which I find intensely satisfying).

But no!

I got a little circus show, complete with juggling and unicycle. And two dogs vying for attention.

What a delight and boost for the spirit!