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#PostcardMonday: Indianapolis

Indianapolis.  The year is 1999.  I made my first-ever visit there to catch a symphony concert.  Little did I know that I’d be moving to Indiana eight months later.

This card was sent to my paternal grandmother.  Less than a year later, she died of natural causes after suffering with dementia for several years.

#PostcardMonday: Fort Knox

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Not long after my father retired, he came to visit me in Owensboro.  This was nineteen years ago this week.

Over the next 18 years until his death, he only spent one other night under my roof, an omission that continues to baffle me.  But that’s another story with a therapist!

We visited Louisville on a Saturday: downtown, Fort Knox, Churchill Downs.

I later wrote this card to Grandma Carter, who by then was in a nursing home.

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