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This arrived on Wednesday afternoon from the housesitter.


I see all these doggies in Vienna, and I miss Auggie so much!!


That look


My father used to give us this look that sort of said, in a faintly impish way, “what are you doing?”

The look had layers of humor and awareness and love.  My sisters and I knew this look well.

Sometimes I think that Auggie is giving me the same look.



In spite of foolishly staying up last evening into the wee hours, watching Netflix, I was wide awake at 6.30 am this morning with three pieces of music sort of simultaneously running through my head: Sibelius 2, last movement; the song “By Mendip Side” by Eric Coates; and “Get me to the church on time” from My Fair Lady.

This was a disconcerting way to wake up.

No sleep was going to return, so out of bed I rose.

And by 10 a.m. —

  • Breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese and some hot sauce mixed in; bacon; and sourdough toast.
  • A thorough tidying of the kitchen.
  • Downstairs floors swept.
  • Piano bench legs tightened.
  • Dog walked.
  • Recycling in the bin in the alley.
  • Front windows cleaned of the remnants of Auggie’s wet nose.
  • New York Times read.
  • Two loads of laundry done.
  • Three more blog entries loaded for next week.
  • The case of split bottles of bubbly from Mawby stored in the basement.
  • Thank-you gifts prepared for a meeting tomorrow.
  • Showered and ready for voice lessons to commence at 11.

Not a bad morning!

A day off?

I’m in the midst of four days of holiday….

But boy howdy, do I seem to be busy:

  • sorting through things that belonged to my mother and father
  • going on a leisurely stroll through Costco and still only spending less than $140
  • then driving on local roads to Aldi, and the bank, and Dierberg’s, and taking my time in each location
  • doing a photo shoot
  • enjoying a half-day at the spa
  • taking Auggie for his own doggie-spa morning
  • cooking and cleaning and doing laundry
  • napping
  • arranging voice lessons for next week
  • and reading.

Sunday will be a church service, a voice lesson, and a choral concert.  Then steak on the grill, with homemade macaroni & cheese, green salad, and strawberries for dessert.