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So, according Dr. Bret, fleas have developed an immunity to the topical medication with which I’ve been anointing Auggie for two years.

And behold, at Auggie’s Monday check-up this week, we found a flea!

Auggie is now on a oral flea and tick preventative.  And on Monday he went to the groomer for a needed bath and haircut, this time with flea shampoo.

My handsome guy was pronounced by Dr. Bret to be a splendid example of canininity.  He’s in great health and excellent weight.  Everybody loves him.  Auggie did not even flinch at his blood draw Monday, such a stellar example of stoic Schnauzerdom is he.

As I write this Monday evening, though, Auggie is conked out in his bed in front of the fireplace, basking in its warmth, and exhausted from a day that included the vet, hours at the office, and then more hours with Rachel the Dog Groomer.

Auggie itches

Poor Auggie has had a rough week with a non-specific skin allergy.  He was so miserable yesterday that I begged the vet to see him early, rather than on Monday as planned.

He is now on pills to block the itching, and the nearly-raw spots on his skin are looking better today.

Poor little guy . . . .