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Monday in NYC

A full day!  11,415 steps, according to the iPhone.  That’s 3.6 miles of walking. I believe it, based on how my feet feel Monday evening.

Looking west from my hotel room window, morning and late afternoon:

And looking north on 8th Avenue:

Notice how the tall buildings do not cast a shadow north of Columbus Circle. That’s Central Park territory.
Happy Socks = happy man.

Yufei and I had drinks at The Aviary at the Mandarin Hotel on Columbus Circle.  And we had some incredibly good Iberico ham.

From my walk back to the hotel tonight:

I took Jennifer Johnson Cano to lunch on Monday, and also spent a couple of glorious hours at the New York City Public Library performing arts branch at Lincoln Center.  Walking across Lincoln Center plaza with Jennifer felt like something out of a movie. And I had drinks and a nosh with my former student Jordan Parente Monday evening.

From the Library today, Jerome Robbins‘ Lincoln Center Honors award:

Yufei reminded me of why I love NYC so much:

Choir Boy

My Tuesday in NYC ended with a performance of the play Choir Boy in a detailed and affecting performance by an ensemble cast.

I cried just a bit at the end.

Earlier Tuesday:

  • Greenwich Village for tea and some Taiwanese Linzer cookies
  • vegan lunch with Jacob Scott
  • a stop by the Happy Socks store
  • a nap
  • dinner with Yufei at a brasserie
  • snow, then sleet and freezing rain, then pouring rain in the evening
  • soaked shoes
  • a Tito’s & tonic nightcap

He’s away

This man is off to China today for a two-week holiday.

We have talked on FaceTime most every day for the last six months. That nightly call is now a staple of my day . . . of my life . . . as we learn to love even though separated by part of a continent.

He’ll be back soon, but I’m going to miss those nightly calls, and the easy access by text.  Life isn’t going to be the same for the next couple of weeks.


During my business trip to NYC this week, I got to meet up with a certain man and his dear friend Janet.


Here we are at a dessert place in K-town, after finally seeing Yufei at a dance class.  I know believe that all of those videos he’s been sending me of him dancing are indeed actually real!

The dessert, and some lavender milk tea:

Few cities excite and energize (and sap) me the way that New York City does.  My very quick trip was productive.  I met with the rector of the jazz university in Vienna, and we had some quite fruitful discussion.  I caught up with my former student Luke Meyer, in town between gigs.  And of course I saw Yufei.

Waking up before sunrise on Thursday, I marveled yet again at the view of all these buildings (from my 25th-floor window) and all this energy on the streets of New York.

And then I got to LaGuardia, where the new Southwest Airlines terminal is luxurious and a very happy addition to travel to and from NYC.

The year 2018

Greetings to friends and family around the world. I write on the day of the winter solstice, and note with sadness that this world seems particularly darker than it did a year ago. I pray for light and truth to again be kindled in the hearts of those who lead, and who alone can set to the tone for this world.

May it be so.

Even with the death of my father in the waning days of 2017, my own 2018 has been significantly brighter than national and international news might allow!

Winter. A solo cabaret act. Loads of teaching and concert-going and the robust time of the year at the office. A quiet winter without any significant travel except for a quick trip to Naples, Florida to see Spencer go on as Prince Chulalongkorn in The King and I.

Spring. Begins with a trip to Moscow to discuss collaborations. Attend a concert in Tchaikowsky Hall. Tourist for full, long day in Moscow. Holy Week in London, with services at St. Paul’s and Westminster Abbey. My former student sings Gerontius at King’s College Cambridge. Wrap up the school year with a sizable graduating class. Pack up and finish work on my father’s estate. A week in NYC, and confirmation of a budding relationship. Solo/ensemble contest brings solid results. Senior recitals with three voice students. Attend the Tony Awards. Celebrated the completion of 10 years at Webster University.

Summer. Begins with a week in Lincoln at a conference. Then to Vienna on the Messing Faculty Award for three weeks of research and curriculum development. Side trips to Stockholm and Florence. Allergies abound in Vienna! Wept copious tears at the sight of Michelangelo’s David. Start the new school year with days of meetings, and a robust new-student class. Yufei visits Saint Louis. Start work with Variety Children’s Choruses as the new conductor. Celebrate my 57th birthday with a day of museum visits in Vienna, and a screening of The Third Man at a kino.

Autumn. Auggie turns 8. Sabbatical begins in mid-October. Accept a gig with Circus Harmony as composer and music director for the big January show. Start traveling immediately. Chicago with Yufei. Toronto and Niagara Falls with my nephew Luke. Washington, D.C. (pandas!!) and NYC with Yufei. Chicago again. And Christmas at home in Lee’s Summit with my sisters. Attend multiple Circus Harmony classes and practices. Conduct a holiday concert with the Variety Children’s Choruses. Attend Joffrey Ballet and Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Over the course of the year I’ve witnessed powerful live concert performances. Viewed some of the world’s greatest artworks. Learned more about cooking. Kept up the slow renovations on a 100+ year-old home. Enjoyed some stunning meals (Stockholm, Vienna, Chicago, NYC all were gastro-delight locations). Worshipped in grand and beautiful spaces. Composed some decent music. Shot loads and loads of photos (I’m starting to understand light much better). Whipped up homemade plum jam and blood orange marmalade. Taken various architectural tours. Read more books than the year before, and also a big chunk of the Bible. Extended my cufflink-buying spree with a dozen new pairs. Imparted lessons about singing, and about life, with students. Loved on my dog. Caught up with friends in far-flung places. Bought more new eyeglasses. Fallen in love.

Not a bad year indeed.

May 2019 bring us comfort and joy and challenges that we can together address.

NYC architecture cruise

Yufei kindly purchased an excursion for Friday morning, on an AIA tour completely circumnavigating Manhattan by boat.

With an architect on board, this tour was educational.  And with a glass of bubbly, this tour was fun too!

Sadly for us, the Spuyten Duyvil bridge couldn’t open in the extreme cold, so we missed the Hudson River on the upper west side of Manhattan — meaning no Cloisters, no Riverside Church, and so on.

But a good time had by the 20 or so folks on the boat.

One World Trade Center.
The low bridge at water level is the one that wouldn’t open. Looking westward on the Harlem River, toward the Hudson.