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The light changes

From last Sunday.

3.40 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon.

The light has changed. The sun that was so high for the solar eclipse now slips lower on the horizon. Leaves are falling. Chill is in the air. Shadows fall in different ways.

Autumn is here.

I always feel a slight melancholy this time of year. The melancholy is heightened this year, perhaps because of the state of our world . . . disasters natural and man-made . . . politics at a nadir . . . ugliness all around except in my cocoon of work and people and life, all of which is pretty happy.

But as change keeps happening,  the world keeps spinning.  And appropriately so.

Just in the last month, various changes:

  • Spencer is off to The King and I.
  • former students are getting married
  • other former students are sharing grown-up news of various degrees of ‘oh my.’
  • Charlie is applying to law school
  • I’m writing recommendations for prize current students as they apply to college and med school
  • Neighbors are selling the house and moving south
  • K has retired from his job

Here’s my blog entry about Autumn, from 2011.


Muny Magic

On Wednesday evening, I attended the Muny leading men concert at the Sheldon.

And it was magic indeed.

These guys have pipes, personality, and poise.  And a GREAT time was had by all!

They reprise the show on Thursday, October 19 at 7.30 p.m. at the Sheldon. Grab a ticket for two hours of so much fun!!


Spencer is my private voice student.  He was previously in Lisa’s studio, to great effect.

This summer Spencer played the role of Flounder in The Little Mermaid at the Muny. He subsequently played Jerome at Stages STL in South Pacific.

And today he is off on a big adventure, heading south to join the Lincoln Center tour of The King and I as part of the children’s ensemble, and understudying the two roles of Louis and the Prince.

I’m awfully proud of this guy, and I’ll miss seeing him for a few months . . . but not as much as his tight-knit family will.

Go make us, proud, kid!  We’ll see you soon on a holiday, and here at the Fox later this year!!