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NPR changes again

Four years after a disastrous (in my view) move to wonky times for newscasts, NPR has returned Morning Edition to newscasts at the top and bottom of the hour.

I’m so delighted!

The jarring switch four years ago never did work, cluttered up the show, and was just dumb.

Here are some details:


Frank Bruni has a wonderful column in the New York Times, but first, a story —

I sold my father’s typewriter this weekend.

The Craigslist post:

My father’s typewriter. I learned to type on this Royal ‘touch control’ typewriter. All it needs is to be cleaned up!

The folks at the typewriter shop in Maplewood told me to post it for $100, but I’m going with $65 in order to move it.

I remember this typewriter from Pop’s desk at Hannibal-LaGrange College, and from my own high school papers I typed on it.

And I remember my father’s insistence that I take typing in 10th grade, giving up the mixed choir that year in order so to do.  I was peeved at the time, but I have blessed him over and over since then (feeling much like Frank Bruni).

So the man who bought Pop’s 1940s-era typewriter is a retired minister.  The circle continues.