Comedy or tragedy?

The photo (from the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch) looks like part of a marketing campaign for a B-movie comedy. The facial expressions. The sneers. The barefooted-ness. The entitlement. The paranoia. The naked aggression.

But it’s not a comedy. These two were serious. And seriously wrong.

And the Delmar Divide and the 400 years of our original national sin continue to pay unwanted dividends and bring sorrow and tragedy.

These two should go hide in their safe room bunker. The rest of us have plenty of work to do without them.

Nelson the Terrified

May the fleas of a thousand rabid stray dogs infest the mangy hair and silky sheets of those setting off fireworks in The Grove and terrifying my already-terrified Nelson who doesn’t like thunder (on a very rainy day) or things that go ‘boom.’

He was sound asleep on the rug.  A fireworks burst woke him.  He jumped into my lap and pressed himself against me.

It’s going to be a long holiday weekend.  This boy shakes and is inconsolable.

A holiday

I’m privileged.

One of the great joys in my life is travel, for business or for relaxation.  I am privileged that I can afford this travel, and that I have a job that often sends me somewhere.

My last overnight trip was to the state music education convention in January.  The Spring Break in NYC was canceled.  A conference in Pittsburgh last month was canceled.  Puerto Rico next week, canceled.  A conference in Virginia next month, canceled.  A quick trip to Vancouver, canceled.

For the first time in at least 15 years, and probably longer, I have nary a single hotel reservation or airline ticket in the queue.

On Tuesday, I decided I had to go somewhere this summer.  And that somewhere needs to be near water.

So it is that four weeks from Monday, I will make my way to southern Illinois, and stay for four days (with Nelson!) on a farm in the cutest little four-room farmhouse.  I’ll have a change of scenery and a bit of escape.  And quiet.  And a lake right outside the door.  And a porch for sitting and reading.


Morning Prayer

With the moderate weather this week, I’ve been reading Morning Prayer outdoors in the garden.

Nelson is usually checking out the lawn and the flowers for any new scents from overnight.

But Wednesday morning he was fast asleep on the patio.

This boy loves the outdoors, being content to spend hours sitting on the top step sniffing the air and barking at anything or anyone that dares move through the alley behind the house.