A full few days

My silence the past few days is a result of a very full schedule.  I saw a play on Wednesday evening.  School has been quite busy the last two days, with an audition day yesterday.  Jerry Springer: The Opera closes tonight. And we have the local auditions of the Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition today, followed by another show I need to attend.

So at 8 a.m. Saturday, I’m headed to the office to try to get my desk and piano in order!

Here’s a shot of Samson earlier this week –he’s on the porch swing with me, looking out toward the street:





I hosted three of my favorite students for brunch on Sunday.  Eden (seated) has been my voice student most of her time at college.  Jeff (at right) was my voice student from the start, and is a regular housesitter.  And Michael (center) is just about insanely talented.  Good seniors, these three.  I’ll miss them!

Michael decided the baked French toast was a massive hit.  And it was.

Saint Louis Theatre Circle Awards 2015

With K tonight after the awards.

With K tonight after the awards.

Well, in a total surprise to me, I was named on Monday as the Best Musical Director for 2014 shows by the Saint Louis Theatre Circle Awards, in an award given by the Saint Louis theatre critics in their own internal nominations and balloting.

To say that I was surprised is a total and utter understatement!  New Line Theatre’s production of Bonnie & Clyde was up against two shows at the Muny, one at Stages (both with national contracts and huge budgets) and one at Stray Dog (a show I saw and loved).

My colleagues Scott Miller and Mike Dowdy also won Best Direction of a Musical for Bonnie & Clyde.

Here’s my acceptance speech as best as I can remember it:

Well, to quote our current show, Jerry Springer, “Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians.”

Thank you to the Saint Louis Theatre Circle.  I’m truly honored and grateful.

Thank you, too, to Texas, for giving us these crazies like Bonnie and Clyde, and for keeping on giving us crazies like Ted Cruz.

This show worked because of the chemistry and commitment of our two leads, Larissa White and Matt Pentecost.

Scott Miller gave me chance.  Thank you, Scott.  And to all the New Liners who made up the ensemble of this show, thank you.

I need to say thanks to Peter Sargent, my boss at Webster, and to the faculty in my day job with the Department of Music.  They have graciously looked the other way as I’ve missed performance after performance to do shows with New Line.

Finally, I need to say thank you to my students.  I teach theatre voice at Webster, and music theory to theatre students (who hate the subject).  I learn so much from them.  They keep me young.  And they remind me that I need to listen to things other than Rodgers and Hammerstein, which (sorry Scott) is my proclivity.

Thank you very much.

Or something like that.  Saying these things on the spur of the moment is a surreal experience.


Awards tonight


Luke Steingruby has reminded me to post about tonight’s awards, so I shall shamelessly rip-off from him . . . !

Image result for saint louis theater circleAt the Saint Louis Theatre Circle 2015 Awards, Jeffrey Carter is nominated tonight for Best Musical Director for Bonnie & Clyde at New Line Theatre.

Nominees List

Watch the red carpet interviews and full ceremony here starting at 6:30PM . . . HEC TV


Vases of tulips grace the front widnowsill and the dining room table.  The house is filled with beauty.  And I am happy. 


On this Sunday, I treat three seniors to a homemade brunch — baked French toast, sausage and bacon (just because I love both), fresh fruit.

And then the rest of the day is committed to the work of Webster University.  I’ll attend two concerts, and I will teach a make-up voice lesson. And I will try to get through some of the to-do list that seems to keep growing.

Three weekends of Jerry Springer: The Opera are now in the books.  We have one weekend remaining.  Last evening’s audience, one of the largest we’ve had, was curiously subdued for a Saturday crowd, but the room was too warm and that may have dampened the spirits.

Spring, and loss



The vernal equinox occurred last evening.  Spring is here.

And the daffodils have arrived just on time, with the first two blooming overnight.  Tulips are not far behind.

The new fridge arrives this morning, in fact in just  minutes.

A colleague suffered tremendous loss this week, with the death of his spouse.  Sorrow and sadness abounds.

And another colleague will celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary this next week!

I’m switching today to cotton sheets, and putting away the flannel.

The new cast recording of On the Town arrived this week!

Allergies are not as bad today, thanks be to God.

Why do I have so many books to read, and so little time?

After last evening’s performance, I came home and watched the series finale of GLEE.  And I teared up just a bit.  Truth be told, I gave up on this how three seasons ago, but the finale seemed like it needed watching, and I’m glad I did.


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