Muny Magic

On Wednesday evening, I attended the Muny leading men concert at the Sheldon.

And it was magic indeed.

These guys have pipes, personality, and poise.  And a GREAT time was had by all!

They reprise the show on Thursday, October 19 at 7.30 p.m. at the Sheldon. Grab a ticket for two hours of so much fun!!



Spencer is my private voice student.  He was previously in Lisa’s studio, to great effect.

This summer Spencer played the role of Flounder in The Little Mermaid at the Muny. He subsequently played Jerome at Stages STL in South Pacific.

And today he is off on a big adventure, heading south to join the Lincoln Center tour of The King and I as part of the children’s ensemble, and understudying the two roles of Louis and the Prince.

I’m awfully proud of this guy, and I’ll miss seeing him for a few months . . . but not as much as his tight-knit family will.

Go make us, proud, kid!  We’ll see you soon on a holiday, and here at the Fox later this year!!

Vincent Van Doughnut

I had heard of Vincent Van Doughnut, a lauded establishment in this doughnut-crazed City of Saint Louis.

Little did I know that VVD’s flagship store is within walking distance of my house.

This is happy but dangerous news.

On Saturday evening I stopped by Sauce on the Side, a calzone restaurant in The Grove.  I parked the car, and walked by this doughnut shop, with the night crew already working on the next day’s yeast dough.

This morning, in the midst of street closures and general craziness surrounding the Rock and Roll Marathon, I found my way back over to VVD.

A maple bacon doughnut was the fat-oozing result. “Pace yourself,” I thought.  So I only came home with one.

But I’ll be back!