International Thespian Festival

I am once again in Lincoln, Nebraska for a week of student engagement at the International Thespian Festival.

We started the journey on Sunday morning, arriving in Lincoln less than 8 hours later.

And then the crew from Webster enjoyed a steak dinner at Misty’s, across the street from our Embassy Suites hotel.

I’ll have photos and updates throughout the week!



Today is my last day in the office for a while.  I’ll do some work, go to the library, write some letters, have luncheon with Rob Lehman, teach a conducting lesson and a voice lesson, clean off my desk, and leave by 5 p.m.

The next five weeks are away on school business.



I found this 7-minute interview on NPR’s Morning Edition today to be very informative and helpful in understanding what’s going on with the Trump administration’s enforcement of a 1990s court ruling: