National Dog Week

I made a dog post not long ago, but here’s another.  Today starts National Dog Week!

Creeping reality

The creeping reality was described this week by a colleague as “a certain joylessness.”

I get it.

The reality is more apparent that we will be teaching and learning primarily in virtual mode for the rest of this school year.

The now reality is that my teaching load is an overload of notable proportions while department-chairing while teaching a private studio while trying to be creative while being the chorus director for Variety.

The future reality is that Spring 2021 will be an easier semester in many ways.

The way-future reality is that normal operations may well be many, many months away.

And I’m just beat every day.

The new blue-light-reducing clip-ons are helping, no doubt.

But my sore finger is not improving.

So that’s symbolic of a constant duality, a yin and yang of hope and frustration, happiness and creeping dread.

The national political situation is not helping. Nor are the climate disasters of wildfire and hurricane and polar ice melt.

And most ugly: the lack of being able to touch others, to have that real connection of a hug or a handshake.

Now comes the death of RBG, a tragic loss for honesty, authority, and integrity in this country.

Creeping reality.

Vile and unethical

And with this, McConnell and the Republican Party he serves have exposed themselves as the corrupt, power-hungry, lying, cheating, unethical, nonsensical, opportunistic, vile people they are.

If you are in favor of this after the Republican statements and actions of 2016, you are part of that corrupt, power-hungry, unethical mass of vileness. Full stop.

#TBT: Danny Boy

Danny Boy, a traditional song arranged by Joseph Flummerfelt.

From 2004, with the Ball State University Chamber Choir.  The year with these incredible voices lives with me as one of the most artistically satisfying I’ve ever had.