I’m in Kansas this morning.  Brownbackistan, as it’s called by those who disagree with the current governor’s foolhardy and failed tax policies.

The hotel near the intersection of US 69 and I-435, in Overland Park, is dated but quite comfortable.  The view is, well, of Kansas.

And I’m using a digital room key for the first time, meaning that I access the room from my phone.  (I know . . . after my debacle three weeks ago, I should be demanding a key on a chain and an old-fashioned deadbolt.)

The cross-state soundtrack yesterday included two hours of NPR, Jason Gould’s new EP, Michael Feinstein and Hugh Martin singing the Hugh Martin songbook (and a few songs I did not know), then some of Audra McDonald.  I’ll finish that one today.

Breakfast with Pop awaits!


So long, farewell

Charmian Carr has died.

Listen to a wonderful tribute from NPR.

Good night, Liesl.

I suppose that the first death from amongst the on-screen Von Trapp family had to happen . . . but I still hate it.

Perhaps we should marvel that more than 50 years has passed,and we’ve not yet lost one of the seven children, nor the Captain, nor Maria.

Want to know more?  http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/sound-music-now-find-out-8871626

And here’s the story on the real Von Trapps, with the family home now in Stowe, Vermont: http://www.trappfamily.com/von-trapp-story.htm