Again, it happened

Scene: Uncle Bill’s.  Interior. Morning breakfast rush.

“Here’s the damage,” she says.  “I gave you that youngster’s discount, if that’s ok.”

I guess I looked like a senior-discount-worthy customer this morning.


 Meanwhile, Auggie is with Mr. Warren and getting a bath and primping.  I am dogless, and the house is quiet. Lessons start at 11, with four students today, then a recording session, then dinner with colleagues.  This Saturday is full.


A full week

I just can’t seem to get ahead this semester, but at least I have the joy of being in the midst of a full life, rather than an empty one!

The week has been filled with lessons and meetings and classes. And plenty of office work at home in the evening.

I shall treat myself tonight to a visit to the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra.  Then I’ll have a very full Saturday.

My Missouri income tax refund arrived this week, but of course it’s already spent on summer travel.  First, though, I shall spend part of it on having my car detailed this weekend!

And I’m heavy into planning the outlines of my UK visit for this summer.  I can’t wait to be in London again . . . .



Another nomination

The Saint Louis Theatre Critics Circle nominations are posted.

I’m up for The Threepenny Opera as Outstanding Musical Director. Both Heathers and The Threepenny Opera from New Line Theatre are up for a slew of nominations.  Happy days are here again indeed!


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