Sabbatical begins soon.

On the agenda:

  • start sabbatical with Yufei in Chicago
  • take my 17-year-old nephew to Toronto and Niagara Falls
  • attend the NASM annual meeting in Washington, D.C., and spend two days in visiting evaluator training
  • meet my new great-nephew
  • spend Thanksgiving in NYC with Yufei
  • visit Chicago again in December to attend several concerts
  • (most likely) attend a conference in Florida in January
  • travel to Thailand and Vietnam for holiday in January
  • perform a cabaret show in February
  • continue teaching 12-15 students weekly at home while on sabbatical

And of course, there are the other projects:

  • blog entries about teaching voice
  • purge: books, clothing, items, detritus
  • read
  • cook lots of new and yummy recipes
  • compose and set up self-publishing
  • organize
  • volunteer for hospice
  • photography and cooking classes

#PostcardMonday: Fort Knox

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Not long after my father retired, he came to visit me in Owensboro.  This was nineteen years ago this week.

Over the next 18 years until his death, he only spent one other night under my roof, an omission that continues to baffle me.  But that’s another story with a therapist!

We visited Louisville on a Saturday: downtown, Fort Knox, Churchill Downs.

I later wrote this card to Grandma Carter, who by then was in a nursing home.

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