What a week…..

IMG_7836What a week this has been!

In no particular order:

  • that good news about the next steps on promotion the the rank of Professor
  • two audition days at Webster
  • final lessons with students before solo/ensemble contest
  • too many meetings
  • the first orchestra rehearsal for Jerry Springer: The Opera
  • visiting an ill friend, twice, at Barnes Hospital
  • a full week of lessons at the office
  • not one but two plays, and at one of them I sat with a wonderful mother of one of my students
  • training a new staff member and setting him loose on various projects and activities
  • a photo shoot and website updates at the office
  • finishing that Missouri Arts Council grant application
  • meeting with the chancellor of Webster’s new campus in Athens
  • students here for dinner last Sunday

The photo is from the end of my teaching day on Saturday.  Snow was falling outdoors.  And I was ready to have some time alone.


sitzprobe n. a first, rough rehearsal of an opera or musical stageplay with singers and musicians, but without acting, scenery, or costumes. Etymological Note: German for ‘seated test’ or ‘sitting trial.’

Tonight is the first of two sitzprobes for Jerry Springer: The Opera.  I’m excited to hear what the band sounds like, since this our first rehearsal together, and we will work out on the fly the very same things that I’ve worked out with singers over a period of weeks. We do Act I tonight; Act II is Sunday.

If this is sitz night, then opening night must be close at hand, and it is — Thursday March 5 is the soft opening, with the official opening night one day later.

Buy tickets here.

Here’s an interesting read: http://www.davidcangelosi.com/the-sitzprobe-a-lost-art-form/

New camera

I had earmarked a bit of Aunt Esther’s bequest for a new lens, but I decided to go all-out and get a new camera.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera 2 Lens Bundle

The new toy arrived last week.  I spent a bit of Saturday playing with it, but will wait until warmer weather and some outdoors time to really jump into it.

The DSLR camera I bought six years ago will now retire to school, where we will use it nearly daily to pump up our social media activities.

New website

At long last, Christ Church Cathedral, my parish here in Saint Louis, has a new website up and running.

I was speaking with Fr. Mike about this a few weeks ago, ready to offer my services, and was told that the new website was already in beta mode, and going live soon.

Check out the rich and beautiful new site!  www.christchurchcathedral.us



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