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Vile and unethical

And with this, McConnell and the Republican Party he serves have exposed themselves as the corrupt, power-hungry, lying, cheating, unethical, nonsensical, opportunistic, vile people they are.

If you are in favor of this after the Republican statements and actions of 2016, you are part of that corrupt, power-hungry, unethical mass of vileness. Full stop.

Best line

Best line of the day so far, in a column by Gail Collins and Bret Stephens:

Bret: Biden has to take on the allegation that he’s mentally feeble by challenging Trump to additional debates. He has to say about Trump what Mary McCarthy once said about Lillian Hellman: that every word he says is a lie, including “and” and “the.” He has to mock a “people’s president” who stiffs his suppliers, scams his students and is currently swindling the American people. He needs to challenge Trump to a new kind of push-up contest: Do a push-up, show a year of tax returns.

Gail: Love the Trump push-up image.

Bret: And he has to get out in front of people, lots of them. The Biden campaign needs to figure out the public rally equivalent of safe sex: exciting, energetic, passionate, frictional — but virus-free.

Check that last paragraph again…..

I love writing like this in the New York Times!


I have said many times in the last fifteen years that this will be the Asian Century, and specifically the Chinese Century.

If the 1900s were the American Century, and the 1800s the British, then the 2000s belong to some other sphere of influence.


Read this. It will help in understanding why.

A recent string of texts with a like-minded by more quixotic friend helped me boil this down: the USA is in a Crusade, and only one side will survive, and the battle may be decades long.

God help us.

I am usually a hopeful, half-full rather than half-empty kind of person, but my hope dwindles daily this year.

So let’s have a photo of something happy now, shall we? Nelson sleeps half the time on his back, with two or more legs thrown in the air.


Highlight headlines from this morning’s Washington Post:


God help us all, as we are surrounded by liars, lunatics, and a leaderless void.


Will any President ever again be able to claim the Corruption Crown from Trump?

As our standing in the world continues to dive, his evil-and-corrupt factor continues to climb.

God help us.

From the Washington Post:

Everywhere, it seems, reality is colliding with Trump’s fantasies. This week alone, the White House pushed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to revise its advice on reopening schools to fit Trump’s rosy claims; an inspector general accused the administration of undercutting public trust by forcing the National Weather Service to support Trump’s fanciful claim that a hurricane menaced Alabama last September; and a lopsided Supreme Court majority dismissed Trump’s claims of “absolute immunity” as inconsistent with “200 years of precedent.”

Trump responded Thursday with another conspiracy theory. He rekindled his unsubstantiated “Obamagate” allegation that his predecessor perpetrated “the biggest political crime and scandal in U.S. history” by trying to sabotage Trump’s campaign.

And on Friday evening, Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence.

And then this column from Saturday:

Independence Day

As I write on Friday evening, July 3, I can hear the sound of helicopters nearby. Protesters are gathered two blocks away at US 40 and Kingshighway.

Me? I’m watching Hamilton and am finding myself deeply moved at the dramatization of the beginnings of this country.

Hamilton opens in 1776, after the writing of the Declaration of Independence that we celebrate on July 4. The stakes are high; the consequences, real.

My favorite line in the musical: “when my time is up, have I done enough?”.

We can say the same thing of our own day. The stakes are high. Black lives matter. Economic equality is a myth. Our national representatives are allowing this nation to slide toward a dictatorship. The environment must be saved.

These protests matter.

The consequences are real.

How we will assuage our national original sin, I do not know. But we must.

This Independence Day does not feel like a celebration very much, if at all. But I have hopes that better days are ahead, that our common lives will once again be valued and our arrogant national exceptionalism will be tamed, that our votes will matter this year, that we will find our way again.

And I do wonder, when my time is up, will I have done enough?

God, please bless America.

P.S., God — thank you for the gift of musical theatre and this miracle that is Hamilton. I sobbed through the last number.

Comedy or tragedy?

The photo (from the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch) looks like part of a marketing campaign for a B-movie comedy. The facial expressions. The sneers. The barefooted-ness. The entitlement. The paranoia. The naked aggression.

But it’s not a comedy. These two were serious. And seriously wrong.

And the Delmar Divide and the 400 years of our original national sin continue to pay unwanted dividends and bring sorrow and tragedy.

These two should go hide in their safe room bunker. The rest of us have plenty of work to do without them.