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Arlington National Cemetery

I spent my last Washington DC morning at Arlington National Cemetery.

I paid respects to the Kennedys — John F., Bobby, and Ted, each flawed but great in their own ways.  Had any of these three guys had a full term as president of this country — or better yet, two! — we would be today a very different nation.

We walked over the Tomb of the Unknowns in time for my travel companion to see his first-ever Changing of the Guard.  And then two school groups performed the same wreath-laying ceremony that I did with Ball State University Singers 15 years ago.  Except this time a bugler played Taps.  And I cried.

After the crowd dispersed, I stayed for a moment in silent tribute and unspoken thanks.


LOC music collection

Thanks to my friend Nicholas Brown (who works in the music collection at the Library of Congress), I had some time with some treasures on Friday at the Library of Congress.

Nick had loaded a cart with things to show me (and inadvertently launched some research ideas for me).

We started off with a fragment of a manuscript by Mozart.  In other words, I held in my hands a piece of music in Mozart’s own hand!

Nick then brought out a large box labeled “The Sound of Music,” and for the next few minutes I traced part of the song-writing process for the song ‘My favorite things,’ holding in my hands page after page of Oscar Hammerstein II revisions of lyrics.

Before we were done, I’d held in my hands hand-written letters from Jackie Kennedy to Leonard Bernstein; the original fair copy of a Bernstein symphony (with the first page in his own hand); the fair copy of the Brahms violin concerto (with revisions in Brahms’ own hand); and Jerome Kern’s original piano score to Showboat (see photo).

The LOC musical theatre specialist brought over lyric files from Jonathan Larson’s Rent. I held the very sheet on which Larson did the math that led to the lyric “five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.” He had done the math down to the seconds.

I’m SO grateful to Nick for a delightful visit!

Visiting Mr. Lincoln

The NYC sojourn over, we drove on Thursday to Washington DC.  We visited Mt. Vernon and paid respects to President Washington.  We stopped by the Capitol, then drove over to visit Mr. Lincoln’s memorial.

I was moved as ever, especially when reading his second inaugural address and comparing it to our current semi-president’s inaugural speech a few weeks ago.

My travel companion is from Malaysia.  I’m not certain he understood the depth of emotional and spiritual impact this city has on some citizens, and the Lincoln Memorial in particular has on me.

Photos from the west end of the National Mall, 16 March 2017: