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United Nations

Three weeks ago today, I visited the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City.

A conference was taking place, and the guides were adamant that we take no photos in the General Assembly chamber.

Well, I paid for this tour, and dadgummit, I’m taking a photo:

On the entry plaza, the Knotted Gun sculpture:

Three weeks ago

I’m still flying high from the helicopter tour of NYC three weeks ago today.  This shot of the World Trade Center at the southern tip of Manhattan, showing the footprint of the twin towers and the new One World Center, is a favorite.

But my favorite of the tour is:

See all the photos:

Friday in the City

A morning lie-in.  Check-in at choral rehearsal.  New shoes.  Tea with Jennifer Johnson Cano. Walk by the Dakota. Drink with Loo.  Dinner and Amalie with Robert Riordan.  Walk by the Wisconsin basketball team at the Westin.  Get my watch fixed at SWATCH in Times Square.

Just another Friday in New York City.

From the rehearsal hall.

With Loo!

From the subway:

From the hotel, morning and night: