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Choir Boy

My Tuesday in NYC ended with a performance of the play Choir Boy in a detailed and affecting performance by an ensemble cast.

I cried just a bit at the end.

Earlier Tuesday:

  • Greenwich Village for tea and some Taiwanese Linzer cookies
  • vegan lunch with Jacob Scott
  • a stop by the Happy Socks store
  • a nap
  • dinner with Yufei at a brasserie
  • snow, then sleet and freezing rain, then pouring rain in the evening
  • soaked shoes
  • a Tito’s & tonic nightcap

Couple of days in NYC

I’m taking a couple of days in Manhattan for some R&R.

Yufei and I had dinner last evening at a Thai restaurant.

Today I will go down to Greenwich Village, and then try to avoid the rain this afternoon. Tonight is a performance of Choir Boy at Manhattan Theatre Club.

I’m in search today of some yummy Chinese New Year cookies at a tea shop in the Village!

From my hotel last evening:


During my business trip to NYC this week, I got to meet up with a certain man and his dear friend Janet.


Here we are at a dessert place in K-town, after finally seeing Yufei at a dance class.  I know believe that all of those videos he’s been sending me of him dancing are indeed actually real!

The dessert, and some lavender milk tea:

Few cities excite and energize (and sap) me the way that New York City does.  My very quick trip was productive.  I met with the rector of the jazz university in Vienna, and we had some quite fruitful discussion.  I caught up with my former student Luke Meyer, in town between gigs.  And of course I saw Yufei.

Waking up before sunrise on Thursday, I marveled yet again at the view of all these buildings (from my 25th-floor window) and all this energy on the streets of New York.

And then I got to LaGuardia, where the new Southwest Airlines terminal is luxurious and a very happy addition to travel to and from NYC.

2018 in photos

Click on any photo for the full version! Happy end of year!!


In all of my NYC trips, I have never gone to the Guggenheim.  My continued attempts to go, only to find them closed, have become a private joke.

But this trip, I found them open, and with a magnificent exhibit of works of Hilma af Klint. These are otherworldly paintings, begun and finished in a white heat.

Group X, Alterpieces

A few of the museum’s permanent collection works were on display as well:

Degas: Dancers in Green and Yellow
Toulouse-Lautrec: In the Salon