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2018 in photos

Click on any photo for the full version! Happy end of year!!

Scenes from the week

From the last week . . . .

Bedecked for the Variety Children’s Chorus concert.

The bells before they rang so beautifully.

Detail, Saint Louis Public Library historic central location.

Detail, Saint Louis Public Library historic central location.

Detail, Saint Louis Public Library historic central location.

With Jett Blackorby after recording his pre-screens for college auditions.

This needs no comment, so I shan’t.

Mmmmm. New eyeglasses are arriving soon. This was part of the menagerie I showed to my consultant this last week.

Auggie. And flowers.

With my friend and former student Josh in Chicago.

Holiday gathering

My Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts musical theatre majors joined me at home on Sunday evening for some holiday merriment.

L-R: Phil, Magnus, Will, Sarah, Nate, Cecily, Ben, Noah, Jacob.

The menu included my homemade hot pepper jelly with cream cheese and wheat crackers; homemade banana bread; Brie and smoked Cheddar; vegetarian baby quiches; and a spiced cranberry punch.

And a good time was had by all.  I miss these kids whilst I’m on sabbatical.

A lovely evening

My high school student Sydney is in her last year of voice lessons before leaving for college. Last evening she was a shining star in a cabaret performance, demonstrating command of lyrics, a winning stage presence, and a stunning soprano voice. I’m so proud of her!

Sydney is going to go far . . . .

Her friend Isabella and brother Spencer (both voice students of mine) both were in attendance to support Sydney.

Muny Teens

I attended this year’s most excellent Muny Teens show on Friday evening, then went to Meet Me In St. Louis at the Muny.

And I got to see seven of my students on two different stages.

Phoenix, who is now taller than me.

Greta, who clearly had fun on the huge Muny stage.

Muny Teens: (l-r) Maria, Ronan, Sydney, Jett, and Phoenix.

International Thespian Festival

I am once again in Lincoln, Nebraska for a week of student engagement at the International Thespian Festival.

We started the journey on Sunday morning, arriving in Lincoln less than 8 hours later.

And then the crew from Webster enjoyed a steak dinner at Misty’s, across the street from our Embassy Suites hotel.

I’ll have photos and updates throughout the week!