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[not so flattering] photos of the little guy . . . .

I was changing the bedsheets, and he wouldn’t move from the mattress topper.

Then he moved and wanted to tussle.

And later the same day he ends up in a pretzel, on his back, crowding me as I sit in my chair. You can’t tell, but I had brushed his hair that same morning.

This guy lights up my life.

The change of weather and the arrival of leaves in the ground has given Nelson all sort of new sniffs!

The last week

Last week was the first week . . . of school, of a new reality of teaching in COVID times, of having a furry companion and being a teacher at the same time.

Nelson helped me teach a voice lesson one day.

Nelson also kept an eye on me during Morning Prayer.

I’ve started talking to the birds. I think they like it.

Friday’s luncheon: cherry and balsamic glazed pork chop, thyme roasted potatoes, roasted green beans.

My lovely neighbor girl Olivette gave me flowers on Saturday.

The morning shadows, as I worked with a lap desk in the living room.

Enough said.

In a retrospective of my photos, this would be titled “Dog.”