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As he relocates, a friend is needing a place to park his rather lovely collection of plants. The solution is temporary. But I’m delighted.

My patio is now a retreat surrounded by fig trees and firs and a spider plant and an apricot tree and a birdbath and a Norfolk pine. And more to come, I’m told.  It’s a nice complement to the flowers and perennials.

The umbrella-less table is about to be adorned again by an umbrella. Lowe’s is delivering by the weekend. (The wind finally got the better of the previous one, now in a landfill somewhere.)

The last week

Last week was the first week . . . of school, of a new reality of teaching in COVID times, of having a furry companion and being a teacher at the same time.

Nelson helped me teach a voice lesson one day.
Nelson also kept an eye on me during Morning Prayer.
I’ve started talking to the birds. I think they like it.
Friday’s luncheon: cherry and balsamic glazed pork chop, thyme roasted potatoes, roasted green beans.
My lovely neighbor girl Olivette gave me flowers on Saturday.
The morning shadows, as I worked with a lap desk in the living room.
Enough said.
In a retrospective of my photos, this would be titled “Dog.”

The week in review

My world is opening back up, if only slightly.

I enjoyed some coffee time Thursday morning with a friend, on my patio, distant but not masked.

I saw a masked allergist on Monday, and found out that I’m allergic to the same allergens from 30 years ago — mold, the pollen from hickory and ash and elm and maple trees, ragweed, dust mites. Cats. And dogs.

But dog dander is manageable, and my peace of mind is more important. So Nelson stays.  In comes the HEPA air filter for the bedroom, though!

Webster is ready to welcome administrators back, and I may need to start going to the office again.

I got to the Missouri Botanical Garden on Saturday for two glorious hours of walking and literally smelling the roses.  Photos will roll out over the next five days.

Amidst the irises in the Japanese Garden.

Webster University’s BLACK LIVES MATTER banner was stolen sometime Thursday evening. A posting about this on Facebook led to an outpouring of support, and the usual idiots posting their venom as well. How disheartening, that college-educated alumni of a progressive school, one founded on tenets of social justice and inclusion, are venal and noisy and unrepentant.

Friday was a dark day as Trump and His Toadies finalized a rule rolling back some queer and trans protections established under the Obama Administration. Trump et al. chose to do this on the fourth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando. Their evil knows no bounds, and their places in some loveless afterlife are secure.

On the other hand, Trump got a slight slap-down from numerous ex-military leaders, and more than a thousand retired DoJ employees. The Unhinged Man continues his ways, however. Our national election cannot come soon enough.

Screen shot from the FB video feed.

Unemployment high. Stock market tumbling again. World standing continuing to decline.

My local Episcopal diocese ordained our new bishop on Saturday. Our first immigrant bishop in this diocese. Our first gay bishop in this diocese. And the youngest bishop in the Episcopal Church.

And then there’s Nelson. Wonderful, wacky, weird Nelson. He is more voluble now that he is comfortable. He is clingy and needy. He is clearly a lady’s man. And I adore him.

Nelson left me a little present this week after I was gone too long.  He is deliriously happy when I arrive home after being away even for a few minutes.  He loves car rides,  being outdoors, getting wet in the sprinkler.  And this week he went with me to a garage voice lesson out in Ballwin, where he kept the rest of the family entertained whilst I taught.

Nelson does like to sleep with his legs in the air.

Here’s more:

After rolling all over my bed and mussing up the sheets.

The boy loves to be outdoors. And this was taken ten minutes after I had cleaned the glass. He already had his nose on it.

Nelson is also a helper in the kitchen, joining me as I made passionfruit curd:

And no matter where I turn, he seems to have his eye on me, or at least on my escape route:

On the flip side, Nelson had a gambol in the gladiolas, to their detriment:

Note to self: Nelson cannot be outdoors when the neighbors are having their HVAC serviced.

I made two batches of pot-stickers this week. And a couple of Dutch babies for breakfast. And a new batch of slow-rise bread is in the works!


Morning scenes, in shadow and softness, from the garden this week . . . .

The Asiatic lilies are in full bloom.  Day lilies are emerging.  More of the perennials are blooming.  The squirrels are attacking some of the blooms, the little varmints.  The annuals are doing well.

And I’m delighted to have calla lilies in the garden this year!

7 a.m. Morning dew on the calla.