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Bedding plants

From Saturday evening, bedding plants are now ready for delightful growth and abundance over the next few months, joining some flowers already blooming in the garden.



Thanks to the help of two Webster Conservatory students, my Saturday morning was entirely productive (to 10.30 at least, when I’m writing this!).

All the leaves that blew back around in December are now mulched and in the green recycling bin.  Ceramic pots are filled with bedding plants (mostly marigolds and petunias).  Weed control has been applied to the lawn.  Begonias are in the front porch planter. Some books are boxed and ready for Goodwill.  The garage has been swept and tidied after the winter cold.  Generally speaking, the outdoor property is cleaner and greener.

I saw my first hummingbird of the season this week, and put out fresh nectar this morning.

And Spring seems more real.

Pictures to follow.



I took my camera, with macro lens, outdoors with me on Saturday.  Auggie joined me.

The peonies are sprouting upward with speed.  The taller shoot here is about 5″ tall.  Their emergence from slumber is a week or two early, and in another two months or so they will burst forth in giant pink blooms.

More from the garden

I was lining up a photo of the crape myrtle, and saw the moon in the perfect position for a solo snap.

More from the garden on Saturday, whilst waiting for the hummingbird:

The week

Well, I’ve had a full week of ‘vacation.’

And yes, I’ve rested from my usual labours.  But the daily tasks, and the catch-up tasks, continue.

To whit:

  • dog washed and trimmed
  • garden in good shape, with elephant ears split and more annuals in various pots
  • yummy Asian chicken salad made and devoured
  • at-home office desk purged of piles
  • monologues memorized and rehearsed for an audition
  • travel home from NYC
  • dry cleaning delivered, collected, and stored
  • lessons taught and coachings given
  • music composed, and new-to-me songs read and digested
  • cooking shows watched and enjoyed (and let the weekly menu planning commence)
  • photos taken and new sites scouted
  • Independence Day duly celebrated with a movie and then some grilled meat
  • laundry accomplished; bedsheets changed; bathroom scoured
  • fresh Gerber daisies placed in one of two favorite vases, and adorning the living room
  • new cast albums heard and enjoyed (mostly)
  • cake made and most eaten now
  • dog walked more times than I can remember

The list could go on and on, and doesn’t seem like much other than daily life, but living a daily life away from the office for a couple of weeks is a delight!

Pic of Auggie post-grooming: