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A holiday

I’m privileged.

One of the great joys in my life is travel, for business or for relaxation.  I am privileged that I can afford this travel, and that I have a job that often sends me somewhere.

My last overnight trip was to the state music education convention in January.  The Spring Break in NYC was canceled.  A conference in Pittsburgh last month was canceled.  Puerto Rico next week, canceled.  A conference in Virginia next month, canceled.  A quick trip to Vancouver, canceled.

For the first time in at least 15 years, and probably longer, I have nary a single hotel reservation or airline ticket in the queue.

On Tuesday, I decided I had to go somewhere this summer.  And that somewhere needs to be near water.

So it is that four weeks from Monday, I will make my way to southern Illinois, and stay for four days (with Nelson!) on a farm in the cutest little four-room farmhouse.  I’ll have a change of scenery and a bit of escape.  And quiet.  And a lake right outside the door.  And a porch for sitting and reading.


Social distance, day 97

Scott Simon’s commentary this morning on Weekend Edition is just too lovely and meaningful not share.

I have been privileged to be “Uncle Jeff” to so many  in my nearly 59 journeys around the sun.  I’m also fortunate that I was not ostracized from family after my own coming-out.

Growing up Baptist, I really didn’t have any folks around me who fit the description of Scott Simon’s aunts and uncles.  Well, perhaps there was one, and one of my sisters is named after her, but I don’t know for certain, and after my mother’s death, I have totally lost track of her.

I’m glad for the role I play in others’ lives, though, and wear the moniker of “Uncle Jeff” proudly.

Social distance, day 93

For this 93rd day of physical distance from others, a cover of Disney’s “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” from Cinderella.

And a confession:  I am a weak, weak man.

The Costco run today, to collect blood pressure meds, led me right by the Prosecco.  And the largest bag of crunchy Cheetos I’ve ever seen, or purchased.

Lord, have mercy on me . . . a glutton.