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A ‘me’ night

After an intense and productive week at work, even before contracts begin Monday, I took a ME night on Friday.

My night started with a nap.

And then included a homemade black-ben quesadilla, a lot of time in my chair, a bit of gin, the latest episode of Grantchester, a documentary, and then the soap-opera pleasure of Below Deck: Mediterranean.

I was happy.

Today will be filled with Saturday tasks. But first, eggs & bacon, then Morning Prayer.

oh boy

This is how I feel already, and contracts haven’t even started.


But some parts of the day are more like this, all at the same time:


Contracts?  Let’s not forget about the 18 private lessons I’ll be teaching most weeks too.  Students have emerged and want to study with me.  Hallelujah!  But I need 27 hours each day.

And then there are these days:


So apparently yesterday was Gay Uncles Day.

My friend Ken reminded me that we should be receiving cards and gifts from our nieces and nephews.  (Alas . . . .)

So in honor, here’s photos of me with the blood relative (for I have numerous adopted) nieces and nephews over the years, and some photos I’ve taken of them: