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Independence Day

As I write on Friday evening, July 3, I can hear the sound of helicopters nearby. Protesters are gathered two blocks away at US 40 and Kingshighway.

Me? I’m watching Hamilton and am finding myself deeply moved at the dramatization of the beginnings of this country.

Hamilton opens in 1776, after the writing of the Declaration of Independence that we celebrate on July 4. The stakes are high; the consequences, real.

My favorite line in the musical: “when my time is up, have I done enough?”.

We can say the same thing of our own day. The stakes are high. Black lives matter. Economic equality is a myth. Our national representatives are allowing this nation to slide toward a dictatorship. The environment must be saved.

These protests matter.

The consequences are real.

How we will assuage our national original sin, I do not know. But we must.

This Independence Day does not feel like a celebration very much, if at all. But I have hopes that better days are ahead, that our common lives will once again be valued and our arrogant national exceptionalism will be tamed, that our votes will matter this year, that we will find our way again.

And I do wonder, when my time is up, will I have done enough?

God, please bless America.

P.S., God — thank you for the gift of musical theatre and this miracle that is Hamilton. I sobbed through the last number.