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Forthcoming travel

Travel plans for the next year are shaping up.

March 2018 — Moscow, Vienna, London

May 2018 — Kansas City, Boston

June 2018 — NYC

July 2018 — Vienna, with a one-day stop in Stockholm

August 2018 — Helena, Montana

November 2018 — Washington DC

January 2019 — Hong Kong, Bangkok, Saigon

I’ll have a few more short trips in there too, but these are the big ones!



NYC again

I’m back in New York City, this time with 53 students and a few colleagues.  The students and colleagues perform at Carnegie Hall on Sunday afternoon.

I had a double delight today.

Loo Kia Chun was a dear friend while I was at Kansas 20 years ago.  He happens to be in the USA right now.  We met Thursday afternoon for a first visit in 13 years for a  most joyous catch-up.

And then later Thursday, I met up with one of my favorite Ball State University Singers, Luke Meyer.  We saw the hilarious farce The Play That Goes Wrong.

Saturday, Central Park

Cardinal spottings:

Titmouse needing attention:

Other birds:

And a dead daffodil apres snow:

Random photos

Two views of NYC, one from my hotel window, and one of the Statue of Liberty from the air as I left Newark:

image image

Two weekends of Jerry Springer: The Opera are now complete.  Here’s a view from my perch:


Samson and I had a moment on the porch swing this weekend:


NYC Fall Break

[formatting is wonky.  please forgive.  computers not playing well with each other.]

En route to LGA on Southwest Airlines–

At 12 noon on Sunday, I am en route to New York City for some alumni and development work, and some R&R after a very hectic past ten weeks. This brief trip to the City is much-needed, and quite welcome!

Random notes from the flight:

I saw Neal Richardson arrive at my gate, with Ethan along as well. They are on the same flight.

I saw Neal Richardson arrive at my gate, with Ethan along as well. They are on the same flight.

Mary Ann Drake, a colleague from Webster, was also at the airport, en route to Florida for a few days of grading and sunshine with one of her children.

I don’t know when I’ve seen as many observant Jews at the Saint Louis airport.

One young family took 15 minutes to get through security, with two kids, toys, a double-wide stroller. I don’t envy anyone flying with young children.

The folks at Starbucks in the east terminal were rude and unhelpful. I ordered a breakfast sandwich, and when two further customers had gone through the same cashier, and I knew my sandwich was still not in the oven, and I inquired, I got a shut-down and glare. When I thanked that same person when the sandwich finally arrived, I got pursed lips and no response. A little smile goes a long way, lady. And if someone says ‘thank you,’ you respond with the common courtesy of ‘you’re welcome.’

But then no one seemed to be completely happy at the airport this morning. The security folks were unsmiling, as were the Southwest staff. The latter is unusual, as I find Southwest staff to generally be very peaceful and smiley.

There’s a nun on this flight. She’s young, unlike most of the nuns I see at airports!

Sometimes I’m grateful for free drink coupons from Southwest.

This is the first time I’ve been on a jet in several months! I missed the Interlochen trip this year because of Bonnie & Clyde, and I’ve not been on any other work trips since I came home from Portland in July.

After the alumni visits and development work is done each day, I have time to enjoy the city.  I’m pondering on several thingsL things:

going up to West Point for a tour (taking the train to and from)

catching the opening of The Death of Klinghoffer at the Metropolitan Opera. The production is quite controversial even before it opens, just because of the subject matter.
going to the Morgan Library to see the Jerusalem Bible exhibition
walking around Chinatown just for the fun of it.

catching a play or a comedy, since I so often see musicals.

On the list for certain this trip: Tuesday night at On the Town in the new Broadway production; the Guggenheim; and the New York City Tenement Museum.

My friend K is already in NYC. He’ll room with me for the next few nights. Sunday’s dinner is with former students, which makes me happy indeed. And we’ll eat Brazilian food at Via Brasil in Little Brazil in Midtown. That makes me happy too.

MONDAY MORNING now, and I’m just getting to this post.  Here’s a shot from last evening with Jordan Parente: