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Hong Kong — Christmas

Well, it’s still Christmas here.

(Actually, Christmastide extends through January 5, the twelfth day, and end with a watch service for The Feast of the Epiphany on January 6.)

In popular culture, Christmas is over.

Not in Hong Kong.

Stores are still displaying Christmas decorations.  Western Christmas music continues to play from from tinny speakers in dim sum storefronts, from the over-amped sound system in the mall, in lobbies and in stores.

I’ve watched a slow transformation of point-of-purchase hawking from Christmas to Chinese New Year (January 28, 2017, based on the lunar calendar).

But Christmas is still here.

Photos (taken whilst walking, so please forgive the angles and blurs) from MOKO mall, adjacent to my hotel:


Today’s bow tie and cardigan combo, the cardigan a Scotland purchase this summer!

Holy Eucharist for the First Sunday of Christmas was a delight this morning.  I’m so glad to have heard the Harold Darke “In the bleak midwinter” live this Christmastide.

And as a bonus, Horst Buchholz was in attendance at Christ Church Cathedral this morning.  We sat together, sang together, prayed together, snickered together a couple of times, and then had coffee together on Washington Avenue after the service.

I lunched on some of the yummy chicken and noodles I made on Friday evening, along with some corn and some of my homemade pickles.

And I finally put away my clothes from the trip home.

Next up: a recital at St. Joan of Arc parish on South Hampton, where I will hear my 2013 Christmas carol sung in public for the first time.  And then I shall put away Christmas for this year, save for some CDs that need a listen in the next week before Epiphany.  The tree is going away, though; I’m ready for my living room to be home again.

Shopping needs, either today or Tuesday: a couple of cookie sheets, a new 9×13 pan, a manual sweeper for the few rugs I have.  And a Costco run for meds and necessities like Cheddar cheese, mustard, spirits, and fresh fruit.