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#TBT: Christmases past

Family photos

My immediate family gathered together on Friday, the first time all of us were together since my father died two years ago. The family has grown by one since then.

L-R: me, Joseph, Anna, Luke, Beth, Robert (all Beth’s family); Karen, Kristen (holding her son Leo), Jimmy (married to Kristen), Debby (Karen’s partner), Blayne, Sarah (married to Blayne, and holding Lily). Leo is one year old; Lily, two and a half. Kristen and Blayne are Karen’s children.

Photos from Friday:

This Nativity set is the one that was in our house when I was a child. Karen hosts the gathering now —

Family time

I spent Christmas Day with my sister Beth’s family in Lee’s Summit, and saw them again on Thursday.

Anna, Luke, Beth, Joseph, and me. Robert took the photo.

Friday was a morning and early afternoon for me.  I got two Circus Harmony charts finished and posted.  And I went to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, more of which later.

Then Friday afternoon, for the first time in two years since father’s funeral, all three of us Carter kids and the children and grandchildren were in the same place.  Photos will follow later, but great-niece Lily finally warmed up to me:

I only cried twice Friday during gift-giving.  Karen presented me with a memento book of scans of recipes in the handwriting of my mother Marie, G-ma Blocher, and Aunt Esther.  I was a puddle.

Then Beth passed along to me a fountain pen that had belonged by Aunt Esther’s husband John, one that after his death she gave to my father, along with a hand-written note.  To see Aunt Esther’s handwriting nearly six years after she died was just a bit overwhelming.  And what a joyous gift were both of these treasured items as well!

Boxing Day 2019

Boxing Day, where the masters of yore gave to the servants gifts (boxes) of money, or treasure, or (as seen in Downton Abbey) cloth to make make clothes.

I’m spending the day in Lee’s Summit, catching up with people from years ago, seeing my sister and family, and figuring out things to do with two very disinterested nephews.

Christmas Day feast included brisket supplied by me, mashed potatoes, baked beans and green beans, salad, and the usual assortment of sweet treats that hearken back to our childhood.  And Prosecco.

Christmas Day also included virtual attendance at Washington National Cathedral, thanks to the webcast of their Christmas Day Eucharist on YouTube.  I partook of everything whilst driving, except for the actual act of communion, of course.

The new car behaved admirably, although I must say that the gadgets and driver-helpers on the car some getting used to!

Now into the evening, and I’m at my hotel and ready for sleep.  Going to midnight service on Christmas Eve gets harder as one gets older. The drive today on I-70 was easy, but staying awake wasn’t.

A Christmas selfie: