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Olivia de Havilland

As my friend Darin has posted, the last link to the great Golden Age of Hollywood is gone.

I have a short little Olivia de Havilland story.

The context:

I was at the Episcopal church in Paris, France.  Singing Evensong with the choir. One of the readers of scripture that evening was an elegant older lady in a beautiful but simple black dress, with an expensive-looking brooch, and an elegant coif of white hair.  She spoke in the most beautiful tones.

That lady was Olivia de Haviland.

She was magic, even reading a portion of a letter from Saint Paul.



Concerts: Dmitry Hvorostovsky

The late Dmitri Hvorostovsky emerged on the Folly Theatre stage in a white tuxedo with padded shoulders, his mane of prematurely white hair even more stark.

And he sang his first note of “Amarilli.”  And the vibrations from that voice reached the top row of the Folly where I was seated.  And I have never felt that presence from any voice, ever again.

The whole evening was a thrill.  He sang Italian arias from the beginning collection, and Russian songs by Rachmaninoff, and more, and closed with the big baritone aria from Don Carlo.

Nearly 30 years later, I still remember.  His presence was regal.  His voice, stupendous.

Concerts: Luciano Pavarotti

1989. Luciano Pavarotti in his fifth and final performance on the Harriman-Jewell Concert Series.  After he canceled the first scheduled date, and the venue was changed, I scored two of those 400 extra tickets. And I finally saw and heard the great man, the one time in my life I was so privileged.

He sang five encores, including “O sole mio” and “Nessun dorma.”

Social distance, day 113

For this 113th day of physical distance, a tribute to Ennio Morricone, who died today in Roma.  He was 91 years old.

I adore Cinema Paradiso, with Morricone’s perfect musical contributions to this love letter to film.

My little contribution today is the love them from that movie.


Monday evening.  I’m working on Circus Harmony music, and my phone pops up a notice that DenDen is live on Instagram.  I hop on to see what he is drawing, because that’s what he does when he is live.

He had the shell of this drawn.  I started calling out colors.

And here’s the result.  Talented guy.  Too bad his color artist was wacko.