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Favorite things

I made shortbread again this weekend.

And this NPR story was too fine not to share:



The movie Maurice had a profound and lasting effect on a 26-year-old closeted  kid named Jeff.

I saw the movie at the Tivoli in Westport, which was at that time one of the rare art-houses in Kansas City.

Of course the Anglophile in me loved the movie.  The musician did too, thanks to yearning and evocative soundtrack by Richard Robbins.

But the closeted young gay man in me wept and wept, then went back to see the movie again two days later.

Here on screen was all the fear and excitement and shame and hope that I could not yet sort out.

Several years later, when I had indeed sorted out much of the baggage, I started pointing others to this same movie.  I’m so glad it’s receiving a 30th-anniversary re-release in cinemas, and I look forward to seeing it again on the big screen.  My 25-year DVD set, with all sort of extras, has certainly helped keep kindled my love for this movie.

I really should write my own words of thanks to James Ivory, no?