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Crushed tomatoes

I killed a $50-bill at Soulard Market this past Saturday.  Peaches.  Corn.  Cucumbers for pickling. A sweet roll for breakfast.  Eggs from my Amish farmer vendor.

And 15 pounds of tomatoes, slightly blemished and less presentable.

The result is 5.5 quarts of crushed tomatoes, to enliven my meals and make happy my palate during the winter months.

It’s blurry, but one can see the preparations. And I need a bigger kitchen.

More recipes

From the last six weeks on Facebook . . . .


And for fun, watch this (but leave the sound off, as it’s even funnier):



Limehouse chicken

This one is worth making.  Anna the Niece and I enjoyed it very much the other night.  I made some brown rice to go along, but next time will keep the rice and sauté some yellow squash, or spice up the rice with sweet red pepper and pineapple.

And since I did not have any chicken thighs, I used two plump breasts cut into thirds.

The recipe.


Monday (my last day of summer holiday away from office) luncheon: salmon and asparagus.


Notice the dog peeking away whilst on the Oriental rug in the entry hall.

Tuesday dinner: chicken and rice, and salad with homemade creamy Parmesan dressing. And a Vignoles from Effingham.


At both meals, Italian lemon cream cake.

My Monday evening dinner was the opposite of the healthy noontime meal: a massive burger and fries at Layla, preceded by a chips/dip combo.

The week

Well, I’ve had a full week of ‘vacation.’

And yes, I’ve rested from my usual labours.  But the daily tasks, and the catch-up tasks, continue.

To whit:

  • dog washed and trimmed
  • garden in good shape, with elephant ears split and more annuals in various pots
  • yummy Asian chicken salad made and devoured
  • at-home office desk purged of piles
  • monologues memorized and rehearsed for an audition
  • travel home from NYC
  • dry cleaning delivered, collected, and stored
  • lessons taught and coachings given
  • music composed, and new-to-me songs read and digested
  • cooking shows watched and enjoyed (and let the weekly menu planning commence)
  • photos taken and new sites scouted
  • Independence Day duly celebrated with a movie and then some grilled meat
  • laundry accomplished; bedsheets changed; bathroom scoured
  • fresh Gerber daisies placed in one of two favorite vases, and adorning the living room
  • new cast albums heard and enjoyed (mostly)
  • cake made and most eaten now
  • dog walked more times than I can remember

The list could go on and on, and doesn’t seem like much other than daily life, but living a daily life away from the office for a couple of weeks is a delight!

Pic of Auggie post-grooming:

Favorite things

I made shortbread again this weekend.

And this NPR story was too fine not to share:


As part of my summer tour of local eateries, I arrived this morning at Pint Size Bakery (Watson just south of Arsenal in South City) just after they opened . . . to find the line out the door.

A wait of ten minutes gave me time to peruse the display case loaded with sweet and savory goodies.

And to notice the number of young couples, young families, and occasional middle-aged professors standing in line for what is clearly a neighborhood locale of popularity.

My bacon, Cheddar, and Swiss quiche was light and delicate and just savory enough, with a most perfect flaky crust.  I don’t know when I’ve had a lighter, yet substantial, piece of quiche.

I brought home a blueberry/lemon scone, which I will save for later this morning, after some chores.  I’ll enjoy it with some homemade lemon curd.