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This week’s menu

Easter Sunday
Bacon, eggs, homemade bread
Meat loaf and salad
Lamb chops, new potatoes, green beans, lemon cake

Monday, 22 April
Bacon, eggs, grits
Meat loaf and stuff, lemon cake
Caesar salad, fruit

Tuesday, 23 April
Bacon and fried egg sandwich, fruit
Meat loaf, green beans, fruit
Taco salad, lemon cake

Wednesday, 24 April
Bacon and eggs as usual
Tuna salad sandwich, chops, fruit
The last of the meatloaf and salad, lemon cake

Thursday, 25 April
Usual breakfast, probably
Lunch with department chairs and Provost
Tuna salad sandwich on the way to Variety rehearsal
Post-rehearsal snack of lemon cake

Friday, 26 April
Southwest Diner breakfast
Cheese & crackers, oranges
Pasta and salad of some sort

Saturday, 27 April
Usual breakfast
Meals en route to/from State Music Contest


I loved this story on NPR! And on Friday morning, I had some grits, which I’ve loved since I was a kid.


This week’s menu

Sunday, April 7
Babkas and bacon
Dinner out

Monday, April 8
Babkas and fruit
Meat loaf and an apple
Caesar salad
Monday evening — make chicken Parm and pasta, prep black beans

Tuesday, April 9
The last of the babkas, bacon
Chicken Parm, pasta, fruit
Salad and perhaps a hamburger

Wednesday, April 10
Bacon and eggs
Will decide on lunch
Black bean quesadillas and fruit

Thursday, April 11
Oatmeal or grits
Lunch at San Jose in Webster Groves
Chicken and lettuce roll-up

Friday, April 12
Bacon and eggs
Chicken Parm, pasta, salad
Dinner out

Saturday, April 13 — VARIETY GALA, and a guest artist on campus during the day
Bacon and eggs
Lunch and dinner out

At the grocer’s:

  • Chicken breasts
  • Angel hair pasta

Sunday morning

6.40 a.m. I bolted awake. Why? Who knows…..

I came home from last evening’s concert and made the enriched yeast dough for cinnamon & brown sugar babkas.

So this morning has been occupied at the kitchen counter, mixing filling and prepping the pans, rolling dough, twisting and prepping the babkas. They go in the oven momentarily.

I’ll post after they are finished and I have a photo to share.

This week’s menu

Sunday, March 24
Cheesy breakfast muffins
Caesar salad
Cheese and ham quiche, fresh fruit

[An edit: I am re-arranging breakfast plans this week, since I made sourdough bread Saturday evening/Sunday morning.]

Monday, March 25
The rest of the muffins
Turkey and cheese on sourdough
Scalloped potatoes, salad

Tuesday, March 26
Bacon and eggs
The rest of the quiche
Scrounge something for dinner

Wednesday, March 27
French toast, sausage
Lunch meeting at Schneithorst’s
Fried potatoes and kielbasa

Thursday, March 28
Bacon and eggs
The rest of the scalloped potatoes
Gyoza and cucumber salad

Friday, March 29
Breakfast at Southwest Diner
Chinese food at lunch at school
Steak and such for dinner

Saturday, March 30
Bacon and eggs
Quick cheese and crackers between lessons
Mini-meatloaves and green beans

At the grocer’s:

  • sausage
  • potatoes
  • kielbasa
  • apples
  • cucumber
  • cream
  • and on Thursday, steak, 1 lb. ground round, green beans

This week’s menu

Sunday, March 17 (sourdough day)
Bacon and eggs
Ham, peas, and hominy
Caesar salad with chicken

Also Sunday, prep quiche and pineapple upside-down cake (Cooking for Two, p. 397)

Monday, March 18
Bacon and eggs
Ham & cheese quiche, pineapple
Mini-meatloaves, hominy, salad, pineapple upside-down cake (Cooking for Two, p.141)

Tuesday, March 19
Breakfast at Southwest Diner
Chicken Caesar salad
Pan-seared ribeye (Cooking for Two, p. 132), peas, the rest of the cake

Wednesday, March 20
French toast and bacon, pineapple
Leftover quiche, grapes
Leftover meatloaf and salad and such

Thursday, March 21
Savory breakfast muffins (Baking for Two, p. 32)
Lunch with a colleague
Scrounge dinner after Variety Chorus

Friday, March 22
The rest of the muffins
Lunch on Webster
Dinner with a dear friend from KU days

Saturday, March 23 (prep black beans in the morning)
Cheesy bacon biscuits (Baking for Two)
Black bean quesadilla at lunch
That other steak at dinner, salad, some sort of dessert

At the grocer’s:

  • 1 lb. meatloaf mix
  • Gruyere cheese
  • 8 oz rib-eye steaks
  • Romaine
  • onion
  • feta
  • milk