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Tangier: random Wednesday photos

My guide, Achraf, and I had a wonderful day Wednesday!

Mimosa blossoms.

Camels waiting to be ridden.

The Atlantic on the west coast of Morocco.

No explanation needed.

Views from the ancient Phoenician necropolis.  Notice the fishing boats, and the other lighthouse at Cap Malabata.

A goat on the hillside.

Folks waiting for entrance to the consulate for a visa.  Left is Spain.  Right is France.

Pay telephones are still present everywhere.

A cultural artifact the Kasbah mosque — a painted ceiling. It’s stunningly beautiful! 


Tangier: first morning photos

8:30 a.m. on my first morning (of five) in Tangiers.

These photos are from the Hilton Tangier 13th-floor swimming pool deck. But it’s much too chilly to swim today.

See the palm tree in the foreground, closest to the camera? It’s fake. These cellular towers are all around town.

The local intercity train station.