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From Christ Church Cathedral, Saint Louis, on Sunday, after Evensong.


Random photos

Random photos from this past week!

I thought about renting this beauty at the airport in Phoenix…. Of course they walk you by the exotic car collection on the way to Kias and Hyundais.

According to Starbucks at Lambert airport, I am now Jaff.

Thursday dinner of chicken with lemon artichoke sauce, pasta in a light cream sauce, and Parmesan bread.

The boy loves the fireplace.

5.30 a.m. Friday. Lawn Place.

Tuesday on campus.

Marlettos hit this Tuesday lunch out of the park. Chicken and beans and red peppers in a sweet sauce, with scallions and cashews. SO yummy.

Monday evening at the Missouri Botanical Garden, after leaving a cooking class.

From the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix.

Head shots

I made the offer a few weeks ago.  And several students took me up this weekend.

I need to work on my portrait photography, and several sophomores in the Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts needed headshots.  Why not offer a free photo shoot, so that I could get some practice and they could (I hope) get some decent shots?

Several of the students have posted photos on Facebook, so I’m sharing a sample of the work we did on Saturday and Sunday! —

I’ll have these three in MUSC 2910 Applied Musicianship for Musical Theatre this semester, and get to witness these glorious talents three times a week.

Night sky

K and I traveled across the Mississippi on Friday evening, driving south on state roads in Illinois, and then off to corn fields on county roads, all in hopes of seeing a few blips from the Perseid meteor showers.

I saw exactly one long meteor trail.  And two more less thrilling short little meteor rug burns.

But the view of the night sky was more filled with stars than what I see in the city, and I was delighted for a few hours of peace and crickets.

ISO 1600, f/5, at 30 seconds. You see just a bit of the earth rotation.