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Head shots

I made the offer a few weeks ago.  And several students took me up this weekend.

I need to work on my portrait photography, and several sophomores in the Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts needed headshots.  Why not offer a free photo shoot, so that I could get some practice and they could (I hope) get some decent shots?

Several of the students have posted photos on Facebook, so I’m sharing a sample of the work we did on Saturday and Sunday! —

I’ll have these three in MUSC 2910 Applied Musicianship for Musical Theatre this semester, and get to witness these glorious talents three times a week.


Night sky

K and I traveled across the Mississippi on Friday evening, driving south on state roads in Illinois, and then off to corn fields on county roads, all in hopes of seeing a few blips from the Perseid meteor showers.

I saw exactly one long meteor trail.  And two more less thrilling short little meteor rug burns.

But the view of the night sky was more filled with stars than what I see in the city, and I was delighted for a few hours of peace and crickets.

ISO 1600, f/5, at 30 seconds. You see just a bit of the earth rotation.

More from the garden

I was lining up a photo of the crape myrtle, and saw the moon in the perfect position for a solo snap.

More from the garden on Saturday, whilst waiting for the hummingbird: