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2020 in pictures

My annual photo review of the year . . . .

Food and kitchen time. Nelson. Garden. Little travel. Hardly any family time. Nine months of no theatre. But plenty of beauty, and of love.

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Some photos from various swirls around the sun, and from travels on this amazing planet . . . .

In the garden

My Canon camera died last weekend.  The repair cost being more than $300 for a four-year-old consumer-level camera, I opted to purchase a new camera body.

Sunday afternoon, in the garden, I took her for a quick spin:

Nothing earth-shattering here, but the camera feels good in the hand, and some of the summer flowers are still hanging on.

Madrid, and heading home

We are at the Madrid airport in the Neptuno lounge, waiting an hour for our flight to begin boarding.

While this holiday has not been without its challenges, this trip has done exactly what it was supposed to do: help me leave behind some daily cares for a while, be a time of friendship and camaraderie, and give me even more understanding of Morocco (and more reasons to return).

The challenges have included no luggage (found only as we were leaving Tangier) and a lingering touch of The Portuguese Revenge from the local water in Fès.

But the joys!–

  • the blue of Chefchaouen
  • that camel ride
  • several memorable meals
  • talking with locals
  • the corniche in Tangier
  • Volubilis
  • Kevin’s glee at buying spices at the market in Meknes
  • the medina in Fès
  • attentive staff at riads and hotels
  • medicine delivered to the hotel
  • sights and sounds and scents (and smells) to fill a lifetime

Some of my favorite photos from the past ten days:

Tangier: Sunday street scenes

But first, a video update:

I’m calling the stomach malady “The Portuguese Revenge.”

How I loved seeing this flag today!

I attended on Sunday the weekly Eucharist at St. Andrew’s Church, Tangier.  And that’s pretty much all I did except for walk back toward the hotel.

At the hotel.