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I love my jobs.

I just love my jobs.

Teaching. Composing. Sitting at the piano for hours every day.

Could life be better than this . . . moving the needle in other people’s lives?

A TBT photo, from 20+ years ago, when I was an adjunct professor at a community college in Kansas City, even then working with others for greater good:

Two composers

I made up a joke today.

Two of our composition majors were sitting in the hallway, so here goes:

Composer A: “You look sharp today!”

Composer B: “You are just flattering me.”

Composer A: “Naturally.”

A colleague heard me tell this, and muttered “dad composer joke.”

I disagree.  “BAD composer joke.”

[The HM The Queen photo is because she would probably think my joke funny.]

#TBT: college days

This is a photo from 1981, most likely, given who is in the photo.  Some of the gents from Landen Hall were prepping for a ‘shirttail serenade’ outside one or two of the ladies’ dorms at Southwest Baptist University.  Notice that we all have hymnals in our hands.

Thanks to my old roommate, Stevie Davis, for this memory!

Oh yes . . . very left of the photo is a 120-lb. Jeff.

Two NPR stories this morning

Two NPR stories this morning have moved me in different ways.

The first, to joy and delight:

The second, to anger:

Pompeo grows more and more intransigent as the interview goes on, but the coda reveals the truth of this oh-so-Christian man.