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Just a thought

Just struck me . . . .

One year from today I’ll on my first day of my next sabbatical, God willing.

I think I’m going to start counting the weeks.

51 weeks. Six days.  In case anyone wants to know.


Chicago scenes

I love Chicago.

On this business trip, I took an extra day to catch up with alumni and go the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Prokofiev, Poulenc, and Gounod, with the magnificent Chicago Symphony Chorus).

The Chicago visit (Amtrak both directions) included a huge meal at Berghoff’s, a college fair at Northwestern University, a late dinner with my voice studio alum Charlie Ingram, brunch with Ball State alum Josh Stierley, the symphony concert, drinks with my dear friend Adam Hendrickson, and dinner around the corner at an Irish pub.

And my new favorite Hampton Inn, just off Michigan Avenue, a block south of the Chicago River.

As I write on Saturday morning, I’ve spent some time in the Metropolitan Lounge at Chicago Union Station.  I’m so pleased to see some Amtrak operations moved back into the splendor of the old terminal, and to find a dedicated & comfortable business class lounge at the station as well.


Beloved former student Josh Stierley, now working on a doctorate at UIC.

Chicago River from my hotel room, with Wacker Drive.

Rahm schnitzel at Berghoff’s.

With Webster alum Charlie Ingram, my former voice student.



At home

IMG_1431.JPGSome nights, a night at home is exactly what the doctor ordered.

And I’m grateful thereof.

Random thoughts on a Wednesday evening:

  • Temperate weather has arrived.  The windows are open.  And a slight chill is in the air.
  • Hot chicken salad and a green salad makes for a tasty homemade dinner.
  • Modern Family still makes me laugh out loud . . . every single episode.
  • Bon voyage to our Webster alum Christian Hendricks as he heads to the University of Durham (UK) to start a graduate program.
  • Teaching voice lessons is so damn fulfilling.
  • My passport is due to arrive tomorrow, with a Russian visa.  Too bad this is three days after I was due to depart for Europe.
  • Auggie’s skin allergies are under control again.
  • And my stenosing tenosynovitis is better after another cortisone injection on Monday, with a new doctor I like very much.
  • I hope Thursday’s recording session goes more smoothly than Tuesday’s.  The fault on Tuesday was all mine.
  • I’m in a quandary: how do I convince recalcitrant students that learning to read at sight is a most incredibly valuable tool? And life skill?  And necessity for employment?
  • The arrival of October = the arrival of travel season.
  • Sometimes a thank-you note from a student, and the next day one from a parent, can really lift the mid-week malaise.
  • And hearing from a former student — an exchange student from Germany many years ago — is even more delightful.