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Trump seethes


Showing the way

I labored much of the weekend to put some thoughts into words regarding our current national executive leadership.

I could not do it.

So I’ll post this op-ed instead.

The moral leadership of the Republican Party, suspect since the tack to the right forty years ago, is now completely bankrupt.

And until Progressives and Socialists step up with a credible message, one that resonates with Angry, we will continue to be bedeviled by this vile and contemptible man-child.


Dear Senator Blunt

[Sent today to him via his website.]

Dear Senator Blunt,

It’s me again.

“Liddle Bob Corker.” That’s what your President called one of your colleagues today.

When is enough going to be enough? When are you finally going to say out loud, for all of us to hear, “For the love of all that is good and respectable and righteous, Mr. President, shut up and start acting presidential.”?

When are you finally going to iterate what most of your informed constituents know: that this president is dangerous, childish, narcissistic, and petulant?

How much more of this are you going to tolerate before you become the statesman in this mix?


Dr. Jeffrey Carter