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The Missouri Botanical Garden is open again for timed admission, copious-spaced visits.

I spent two hours there on Saturday, deliriously happy that one of my happy places is now open again for visitors.

All week long, I’ll be posting photos from the visit. D joined me, and took three of these himself.

Inspecting the irises at the Japanese Garden.

Reflective selfie.
D in a candid moment.


Missouri Botanical Garden is open into the evening on select nights in July.

I packed the camera and a couple of lenses on Friday evening.  Sadly, they prohibit tripods because of the crowds, so twilight photography is tricky.


The moon and Venus:

Reflecting off of the surface of a still pool of water.

Japanese Garden:

Zinnia still life:

Forgotten shovel:

Climatron, Chihuly, and water lily pools: