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From the weekend

Naples, Florida.

I was in Naples to see Spencer Donovan Jones go on as Chulalongkorn in The King and I.

Saturday morning found me at the beach as soon as it opened.

And I had a fabulous meal:

And oh . . . I saw a show [proud teacher moment]:


Theater Circle

I just got word that I am nominated yet again for Outstanding Musical Director by the Saint Louis Theatre Circle, the critics’ organization that hosts these annual awards.

This nomination is for The Sweet Smell of Success with New Line Theatre in June 2017.

My colleague Matt Pentecost was nominated as Best Actor for his role in that production.

And my student Sarah Nelson is also nominated for musical direction of Lizzie with the same company.

What a delight this is — to be nominated for a third time in four years! And to join other nominees in our thriving local theatre scene…..

Here’s the award photo from 2015:

Thanks, Judy!

Judy Newmark of the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch named me Best Musical Director in her Judy Awards last week.

I’m delighted! And I knew Judy had really enjoyed The Sweet Smell of Success at New Line Theatre in June, but I did not realize how much . . . .


2017 in photos

A week of shows

‘Tis a week for shows.

Monday night: Wind Ensemble at school.

Wednesday night: The King and I at the Fox, with my student Spencer Donovan Jones as one of the royal children.

Thursday night: Pattonville High School holiday concert, where Aaron Garner (voice student) had a solo, and I was collaborative pianist.

Friday night: back to the Fox to see Spencer the company again.

Saturday night: A Christmas Story at CBC High School, with three of my private voice students in the show.

Sunday afternoon: Webster University’s annual holiday concert, A Gift to the City, at Christ Church Cathedral.

Jim Nabors

Rest in peace, Jim Nabors.

You were part of my childhood, as Gomer Pyle.

I remember watching television as your show was in re-runs after school.  I was perhaps 10 when the “Impossible Dream” episode played.

I cried.

And for years I’ve used this video clip in classes and in voice lessons.

Today, I cry again.  Your rendition of “The Impossible Dream,” with the USMC Band on stage at Constitution Hall, has never been bettered.