Nelson, three weeks

Three weeks ago today, this little guy came to live with me.

We’ve bonded pretty well.  Our afternoon naps are especially delightful since Nelson is at his most cuddly.

Nelson enjoys the garden immensely, but his favorite activity seems to be sleeping by my feet when I’m at my desk, or when I’m watching some telly or opera or musical in the evening.

He has found his voice, and celebrates with most vociferous barking at the little creature next door, or anyone who happens to pass in the alley.

Three different driveway visits with friends last weekend just wore him out as we made the rounds of Ferguson and Florissant:

And this is the best selfie we could get this week:

We have started playing games, too.  Nelson likes to tussle indeed!

Social distance, day 93

For this 93rd day of physical distance from others, a cover of Disney’s “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” from Cinderella.

And a confession:  I am a weak, weak man.

The Costco run today, to collect blood pressure meds, led me right by the Prosecco.  And the largest bag of crunchy Cheetos I’ve ever seen, or purchased.

Lord, have mercy on me . . . a glutton.