Sting, again

He’s the real deal.

And Saturday evening with my Variety kids was just wonderful indeed.

Sting shook each kid’s hand as the choir entered stage for the sound check. He posed for some photos after the show. And he sat back-stage during the entire Variety portion of the pre-show, watching and listening to the Variety Kids do their part. He had a cup of tea in his hand. I’m told he may have said “I have to follow that?”

To all those who have asked: YES, THE STING. He was the headliner for Dinner with the Stars. And my kids joined him for an encore of “Fragile.”

The kids made me cry at the end of “If the world only knew.”

This was a good evening!


Well, it’s Saturday. April 13, 2019. This evening I’m on stage with two dozen of my dearest collaborators (the Variety Chorus kids!) and Jeremy, and Sting.

Or as one of younger students said, THE Sting.

We rehearsed on Friday evening. Some photos from the Stifel Theatre: