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National Dog Week

I made a dog post not long ago, but here’s another.  Today starts National Dog Week!


I’ve been watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show this week. And thinking about the dogs in my own life.

So many of them — recently Samson and Auggie, and the childhood dog Snowball.  And the 1990s dogs Elmo the Bassett Hound, Sam, Goldie, and Phantom, the latter two West Highland White Terriers.  And Delilah.

Auggie watches the Westminster Kennel Club show.

With Flora Carter and my doggie Sam.


2019 in pictures

And now abide (according to these photos):  family, faith, friends, travel, MUSIC, Circus Harmony, Variety, cooking, Auggie, the garden, and Webster University.  That pretty much sums it up.

Adoption Day

Auggie is going to a new home today.  I’m a mess of tears, but I know I’m doing the right thing in loving him so much that I want him to have more opportunity for outdoors, and companionship.

His new humans are a delightful couple who are home more than I am.  They also have a 10-year-old female miniature Schnauzer, and the two are fast friends already.

I’m going to miss this little guy, though.

Here’s the post that started the conversation:

I have come to the difficult decision that I must find Auggie a new home.

After 10-plus years of dog owning in St. Louis, the sad reality is that my schedule and lifestyle are just not healthy for a dog.

While I am in no hurry, I am starting to put out the word that Auggie is available for adoption with the right placement. He needs someone who is home more than I am, and who can happily tolerate his noisiness toward other dogs.

The ad might read like this:

Auggie is an 8.5-year-old miniature Schnauzer. He is loving and affectionate. He does not like other dogs. He needs regular walks several times a day. He is up-to-date on shots (October), and is neutered. He loves to run outdoors, and to tug at his leash on walks. He also loves to bark at other dogs as they walk by. Auggie was a rescue; his early life led to some abandonment issues that have now mostly been resolved. He is on a special diet (Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO Dry Dog Food) for some crystals in his urine. He’s a sweetheart, and loved by all who meet him. His current human is facing a lack of hours to love on the little guy, and wishes to place him in a home where he can receive the attention he craves and deserves.


9.40 p.m. Friday evening.  Auggie is looking out the window in vain.  Nothing moves except the snow.  No dogs take their evening walk.  The world is still and laden with wet snow.

I think it’s been hours since I heard a car on my street.  No car tracks are present, so at least in my neighborhood, we have all taken the sage advice of those who know. “Stay off the streets.”

This is our first big snowfall of the year, and I’m delighting in being indoors with the fireplace and the candles and the silence.

My last big chart for Circus Harmony is complete.  Now to arrange a few ditties for some small things in the show, and we’ll be ready for a rehearsal.  On Sunday.  When the forecast calls for freezing drizzle.

I made homemade bread today.  And homemade noodles to go with the chicken I had in the freezer, creating a lovely mirepoix-based chicken & noodles.  The house is still scented with the deliciousness that was dinner and yeasty bread baking this afternoon.

Now time for a call with Yufei, and then an early-to-bed evening, I think.

Sleep, Saint Louis, in your wintry blanket.


2018 in photos

Click on any photo for the full version! Happy end of year!!

Poor Auggie

The story in short: I got home on Thursday to find that he’d really been licking his right hind paw. A lot. The skin was raw. So this morning we went to the vet. Possibly allergies. Possibly anxiety. He got an antibiotic shot; is on anti-itch pills for two weeks; and is in the cone until he can stop chewing on his paw.

He is terrified in and of this cone.