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Please lord

Please, Lord, let today’s travels go according to plan!

I am due to leave Lincoln at 6.37 a.m. on a connecting flight through Minneapolis, and then be back in Saint Louis by 11 a.m.

Severe storms rumbled through southeastern Nebraska on Saturday evening, but as I write after dusk on Saturday I can see that the flight is now on the ground in Lincoln.  My jet, at least, is nearby.

Now for the weather to cooperate on  Sunday.

Since I leave on Monday for the better part of a month, I have tasks to attend on Sunday, most important of which is loving on Auggie, who I am missing terribly!

An update: 5.30 in the morning, and I am through security and at the gate at LNK.

Morning is gilding the eastern sky with colors of ruby and azure and lapis lazuli.

I am hopeful.

The teensy jet looks lonely on the airport tarmac, but soon enough we will be winging toward Minneapolis.

A day off?

I’m in the midst of four days of holiday….

But boy howdy, do I seem to be busy:

  • sorting through things that belonged to my mother and father
  • going on a leisurely stroll through Costco and still only spending less than $140
  • then driving on local roads to Aldi, and the bank, and Dierberg’s, and taking my time in each location
  • doing a photo shoot
  • enjoying a half-day at the spa
  • taking Auggie for his own doggie-spa morning
  • cooking and cleaning and doing laundry
  • napping
  • arranging voice lessons for next week
  • and reading.

Sunday will be a church service, a voice lesson, and a choral concert.  Then steak on the grill, with homemade macaroni & cheese, green salad, and strawberries for dessert.