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Today is the 300th day of our confinement.


And yesterday was a day when more than 300K new cases of the virus-illness were reported.

What is with these entitled, ‘freedom’-loving imbeciles?

Meanwhile, I go on alone at home, not hugging those I love. Not able to teach in the manner I would wish. Not able to visit a restaurant or go to a movie.

And yes, that saddens and angers me.


As I’m working on publishing my music with SMP Press, I am researching all my sound files.

And I stumbled on this reminder that I sang one of my own ditties in the recording studio back in 2016.

“We sat at the edge of the world, and you asked me to tell you why.”

Nancy Mayo is the collaborative pianist.

I put down a couple of tracks myself.

What’s left?

What’s left?

The carnage of a most dreadful year A.D. 2020 is past.

Or, as Michelle Cottle wrote this week in the New York Times, “This year was a soul-crushing hellscape of a dumpster fire. For sanity’s sake, large chunks of it should be repressed as soon as possible.”

Truth be told, this turning of the year is artificial. Nothing changes overnight just because we start a new month in a year that has one digit changed. But we measure our lives in this way, and so we will, and so I will.

So, the carnage is real. The year 2020 was a veritable beast. The most miserable year in my memory, and that of many others.

What’s left?

As I write, the finches are frolicking and foraging in the garden, so evident through my window above the sink.

And candlelight still illumines the darkness, a much-needed gift in this dark season of the year.

Neighbors and friends still exhibit kindnesses — a wave, a little gift of bran muffins, a “what do you need from the store?”, a perfectly-chosen little something at Christmas time.

Creativity yet abounds. The composer juices are flowing again.

Books are still faithful companions. Said E. B. White, “Books are good company, in sad times and happy times, for books are people – people who have managed to stay alive by hiding between the covers of a book.”

The kitchen still beckons with promises of comfort and other forms of creativity.

Nelson still needs me as much as I need him.

And as of Monday, I have fewer than 150 days until I return full-time to the professoriate.

A new term with the Variety kids is in the offing, also starting on Monday, with new music to explore and new stories to be told.

And there are stories still to be told . . . stories of life and living, of dreams fulfilled, of dreams not yet fulfilled, of people and places.

There are still songs to be sung. To be learned and taught. Voices to be raised and trained. Oh, this gift of singing . . . . What a certain treasure it is!

Perhaps 2021 will be less carnaged, more filled with hope as opposed to doom and despair, a time of fulfillment. And creativity. And song. And love. And hugs.

May it be so.

2020 in pictures

My annual photo review of the year . . . .

Food and kitchen time. Nelson. Garden. Little travel. Hardly any family time. Nine months of no theatre. But plenty of beauty, and of love.


Not a bad day’s work!

I published nine pieces of my music today through SMP Press. One of them is in two different voicings, so that’s ten pieces of music now out there for sale.

And more to come!

Finding the right publisher is tough. I’ve been turned down enough times now, so self-publishing seems to be the way to go.

Go to and search for “Jeffrey Richard Carter.”

More will post tomorrow!