Daily Archives: July 15, 2018

Euro18: no more Italy

I was to be on a plane to Venice early this morning, and then go on up into the Dolomites, but I’m just not feeling well.  The cough continues, and my energy is flagging enough that I made the decision early this morning to take it easy for a couple of days.

I’ll miss the opportunity to add new places to my memory-list, and of course I’ll miss seeing Jeremy and Marc at the summer program in the Alps.

But at nearly 57 years of age, I’m learning even more to listen to that persistent voice deep inside, and so I shall. A quiet day at the flat in Vienna is perfectly in order.

Here’s what I’m missing:

Mezzano, Italy - where some of my Dad's family is from!

Euro18: on the street

Scenes from the last few days —

At the Hofburg Friday.
Esterhazy torte!!! My favorite. I finally had one on my 10th day in Austria.
At a barber shop near my flat.
Vienna has rolled out inclusive Walk signs at street crossings. They have a hetero couple, a female duo, and a male duo!
The Staatsoper, with trolley.