Daily Archives: July 5, 2018

Euro18: first day in Wien

Wednesday evening, Independence Day.

The sun sets, but twilight never leaves the sky for a month or more in Stockholm each summer. So it was that I awoke at 1 a.m. to the view of an orange ring on the northern horizon, and at 3:30 a.m. opened my curtains to this:

By 4 a.m. the city was in bright sunlight, and from my taxi window I noticed a mob of youngsters and dozens of taxis at a street corner.  The cab driver: “It’s a nightclub.”

How do these people function after partying the night away? My body was upended just by travel and the too-early sunlight!

This morning’s flight brought me south from Stockholm, over the Baltic Sea and Poland and thence to Vienna, where I took the City-Airport Train to Wien Mitte and then a taxi to my flat.  I have long weekend excursions the next two weeks, more of which to come. The map in the airline magazine was helpful as I oriented myself today, since I always forget that Vienna is so far east!

After finding my lovely flat, I set out at lunchtime on a brief walk to a nearby Tex-Mex place, and celebrated Independence Day with chicken enchiladas and fizzy water with lemon juice.

I walked the neighborhood for a long while, even in the heat, and apparently have logged just under 15K steps today.  Nearby is a Viennese version of Global Foods, this time focusing on mostly American and British products.  I stopped in, but did not buy.

The flat is perfect, including a grand piano!  The views are Vienna-urban:

Work begins in earnest on Thursday.

And I walked more than 15K steps on Wednesday!

P.S. — I bought paprika chips today.  All is well.  All is well indeed.