Daily Archives: July 10, 2018

Euro18: leaving Firenze

The campanile looms over the city.
And the dome of the Duomo with sun rising behind the cupola.
A Stradivarius in the collection of L’Accademia.
Some of the first pianos!
And old-time apothecary in Florence. I bought cologne.
Window display at the apothecary shop.
Italian snack food.
One last peek at the Duomo.

Euro18: scenes from cooking class

A group of 23 gathered Monday for a tour through the Florence Central Market, and then around the corner to the cooking class location.

Martina and Mario taught us how to make, in order:

  • Bolognese sauce
  • tomato sauce for heavier pasta
  • tiramisu
  • homemade pasta, which we turned into tagliatelle and ricotta ravioli

We all took turns with the tiramisu making.  And we combined our pastas in one big pot for cooking.

And the results were glorious.