Daily Archives: July 13, 2018

Euro18: work days

Wednesday and Thursday have been fairly heavy work days here in Vienna, with meetings and conversations that are proving productive!

Since I was in the neighborhood, I did sneak in a visit to the Freud Museum on Thursday.  How surreal to realize that I was standing on the same stairs walked by Freud and Carl Jung and so many others, and that I was in the room where Freud conducted his psychoanalysis, and in the office where he wrote so many of his books.

Freud’s entryway:

In the entry hall, his hat and casual cap and walking stick. Wow.

This was a delightful visit!

Lunch was gyoza at a kiosk at the Rathaus; dinner, lasagna and a salad at La Norma in the city centre.

And this photo from the street around the corner of my flat, AKA, my neighborhood: