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At the market

At Soulard Market this morning, I tried to buy from local produce growers, rather than resellers.

The 10 pounds of pickling cucumbers were a bargain at $5 for the lot.  The local blueberries, not so much of a bargain, but I want to bake an almond-blueberry breakfast cake, so there it is.

Limes are still not cheap at 25 cents each.  The Rainer cherries are gloriously sweet and tasty at $3 a pound.  I only brought home one pound.

And one of the produce dealers had sweet red peppers on, three for $1 — in other words, a steal!

I could have spent so much more, but with no company in the next few days, and very few students around to feed, I’m cooking for myself right now.

The menu planning is commencing.  And the pickling starts this afternoon.