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Variety kids

I received special gifts from two Variety choristers this semester.

One girl drew a picture of me, complete with bow tie and festive spectacles. (Some of the kids are fascinated that I show up every Monday with a different pair of eyeglasses.)

And another brought me this very kind note:

DC, you made me smile today: you are the best choir teacher ever.  You always tell funny jokes and you always make me smile.

From, Chase

My heart overflows, as does my gratitude to these kids.

Variety Children’s Choruses

The Variety Children’s Choruses go live tomorrow night with a holiday concert at the Sheldon.

I get to don my tuxedo and have some fun leading these wonderful singers in some holiday cheer!

We are joined by the Junior League Larks, and by the Gateway Ringers.  I’m told someone special may make an appearance too.

I’m hoping to see friends in the audience!

What’s next?

Sabbatical has finally begun.

Well . . . sabbatical has finally begun in that the big curriculum project is now off my desk and on to its next step, and my flurry of travels is over for a few days, and the NASM training is complete, and so on.

Notice my glee at finishing the curriculum proposals?

What’s next?

Circus Harmony! Having attended several practice sessions, I now have a stronger sense of what the musical needs are this year — and of how much music I’m actually going to need to compose. So that project starts immediately.

Here’s some of Circus Harmony, last year:


And Variety! Our concert is less than two weeks away.

And this year’s Christmas carol, which I think is going to be a New Year carol instead.

And the ongoing tasks of cleaning and purging and reclaiming corners of my home. And forging new relationships. And some visits to the Saint Louis Art Museum, including one yesterday.

Today? Lunch with my priest. A voice lesson. And extra rehearsal with the Variety kids.

But first, a Vienna meeting at Webster, and finishing the admit letters from last Friday. (The Webster work never stops.)