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Fall Break NYC: Tuesday

How I LOVE the Morgan Library…..

And Rossini:

And Schubert:

And a Book of Hours:

And kitchen photography in the atrium:

And an exhibition of John Singer Sargent charcoal drawings:

And stumbling upon the Penguin Books publishing headquarters:

And panna cotta dessert at dinner:

And a final preview of Scotland, Pa., which was very funny, for a while:

NYC18: Morgan Library

The Morgan is one of my favorite NYC places to visit.

I love the changing exhibits, with different old manuscripts every time I’m there.

And I’ve never taken a docent-led tour, so on this trip I spent an hour with a small group of others, all Americans, I think, learning from a Morgan employee.

And then I had my Wednesday lunch at the Morgan cafe: deviled eggs, a chicken and mushroom toastie.

While at luncheon, I was aware of a clear and certain incongruity: reading (and finishing) a book on the Kindle app on my iPhone while being surrounded by one of the world’s greatest private collections of books and manuscripts!

One of the current Morgan exhibits: The Magic of Handwriting.

Along the way I saw signatures and written letters of Mozart, Machiavelli, Darwin, Goethe, and others.  And a bill from Sigmund Freud.  And a receipt signed in massive script by Beethoven.

And Beethoven:


Here’s a manuscript by Mahler:

And in the North Room, incredibly detailed ancient cylinders that predate the alphabet: