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Nebraska state capitol

I’m in Lincoln, Nebraska this week, representing Webster University at the annual International Thespian Festival.

And on Tuesday morning I took some to visit the state capitol building, one that in all these trips to Lincoln I’ve never actually seen.  The morning air was lovely, and the 20-minute walk invigorating.

A small group toured the second-floor public spaces, in the unicameral legislative chamber and the old Senate chamber.

This building is quite the monument!

Lincoln, Day 1

I arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska last evening.  This will be my home for the next week as I represent Webster University at the International Thespian Society annual conference a the University of Nebraska.

Samson did not like all the packing and cleaning.  He knew something was up.
Samson did not like all the packing and cleaning. He knew something was up.

I rode in the van with Peter, James Compton, and Edward Coffield.  We enjoyed several musical soundtracks, including Bridges of Madison County, A Gentleman’s Guide etc., Big Fish, and the first act of a new recording of West Side Story.


As usual on the first night in Lincoln, we walked across the street for a nice meal at Misty’s Steakhouse.  Of course the USA-Portugal soccer match was still on the screens, so several of us watched the conclusion of that game before dinner.  My ribeye was perfect!

I enjoyed seeing how we all dressed for dinner.  Our attire was nothing special, but without any instruction, eight of us switched from travel togs to dresses (for the girls) and slacks and collared shirt.  I have restored hope in humanity….

Last evening, before going to sleep, I finished the novel The Pillars of the Earth.  The story is grossly distended and overwritten, but it’s a good yarn, one that has held my attention for the last three weeks as I’ve chipped away at 900+ pages.  The rest of this week will be more mundane: a few professional journals, some issues of Horticulture, Food and Wine, and (dirty secrets now) Entertainment Weekly.

And the conference starts at 4 p.m. today with five hours of auditions.