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Forest Park

I took a walk in the sunshine in the park yesterday. From my front door to actually setting foot in the park is an easy five-minute trek, mostly downhill. (Of course that means the return an hour later is a mostly uphill trek taking a bit longer.)

While the temperature was 44º, the sunshine helped regulate, as did my jacket.

The new walking shoes and a hiking stick were all else I needed.

I was hoping to spot a cardinal.
The artichoke doesn’t look so bad.
Zebra grass is all ready for new growth.
Archery practice.
Spring is here.

Horsey tired.


I was writing in my journal a few minutes ago, and stopped to marvel at the almost-overnight change in the garden.

The first daffodils are blooming.

The lilac is showing its buds. The dogwood too.

Purple and white crocus are in bloom as well.

Hummingbirds have migrated as far north as central Arkansas. They will be here before Easter.

Come, sweet Spring!