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So long, San Diego

I’m at the airport in the departure lounge for Southwest Airlines to Albuquerque and thence to Saint Louis.  My flight departs in about an hour.

Truth be told, I really don’t want to leave San Diego, such is the utopian and easy feel of this lovely city.  Of course I only see the waterfront, the embarcadero, the endless blue sky, the whiff of Pacific out in the distance.  And the palm trees.

Saint Louis will be an autumnal brown and gray later today.


But I’m ready to return to teaching, and to contemplate and unpack the many ideas with which I’ve been confronted over the last few days.  This has been an intense conference, with provocative, detailed, and mind-scuttling sessions that give me plenty to ponder.

And Thanksgiving is but 48 hours away.  I’ll dine with five others at my home for a wonderful meal!


Small world

Earlier this week I visited with a prospective student who lives just two blocks from where I live.

Then on Thursday, near the back of the jet carrying me from KCI to San Diego, Rosemary Owens (voice faculty at Missouri State, and one of the grand dames of voice teaching in Missouri) sat down beside me.

That was after I saw Bart Shanklin, who interviewed me several years ago for a job at Southern Utah and who is now at Western Illinois, walking through Lambert on his way to another flight to San Diego.

Then this morning Larry Smith of Missouri Baptist University got on my elevator two floors below mine.

And then, as I was walking to my afternoon session after posting some cards, Jeff Pappas (formerly of Ball State, and now at Tennessee) hailed me.  We sat together in our afternoon conference.

The world is a small place indeed.

Heading home

I am in Omaha right now, at the Southwest Airlines gates.  The airline is flying full flights today!  Of course Omaha has been the site this week of the Olympic trials in swimming, and nearly 3000 thespians and conferees are leaving Lincoln today, meaning even more congestion here.

In the midst this week of all the auditions and call-backs and shows and hallway conversations and exhibit hours, I was successful in resetting two choral pieces that will be published this month.  Both The Oxen and Where Angels Sing are now in the hands of my publisher, with new engravings (and in a couple of cases a reconsideration of a pitch).  Having these two pieces finished and off to publication now allows me to think about some other composing this summer, and about resetting a few other pieces for which I never had the original code files of the print engraving.

I still have that Taiwan commission I need to do, and I also wish to compose a piece for one of the Webster University choirs.  I have some early Herbert Howells pieces on their way to me; I’m considering an edition of unison and two-part pieces by Howells.  And I’d love to get my Byrd songs for female chorus published too.

Charlie has been housesitting for me; I have no doubt that Samson the Feist is in good shape.  I’m hopeful that I’ll find my yard and flowers in living condition, though, given the heat of the past few days.

My week commences early on Monday with meetings at the office.  Wednesday is a holiday, of course, and I’m headed to Indiana on Thursday to visit New Harmony on an away-day.

These next two weeks will be my last in the office until early August.  Before I return I will have visited Michigan, Colorado, and Quebec, the former on business, the latter on vacation.  And Colorado on both!

Sometime this summer I also need to clean the basement and paint a bedroom.  And I’m hopeful that I’m changing offices at work, which means a few days of labor there as well, but the reality of this may be not be.

For now, I’m looking forward to my own bed for 14 nights in a row, and to my own kitchen, my dog, my friends, and lovely little home in Saint Louis.