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And this, my friends, is what sourdough looks like when it fails to rise in the oven.

I have not made sourdough in well more than a month. While I have fed the sourdough starter at least once weekly, I am thinking that I should have poured some off, then engaged in a full day of feedings, before using it to bake.

The dough looked and felt normal when I finished it Monday evening. But this bread certainly failed to rise in the oven.

I really don’t want to handle the bread, for fear that I will drop it on my foot and never walk again.

English muffins

What to do with extra sourdough starter?

Make sourdough English muffins!

My first attempt was successful as making sourdough bread in the shape and style of English muffins. Less so in making the texture.

Mine are too spongy. Next time I’ll do what my instinct told me — measure by weight rather than volume.

But this was a fun and tasty experiment!

Sourdough English muffins cooling on the counter.

Thursday morning. A breakfast sandwich of a bacon/cheese omelet on a homemade English muffin.


On Wednesday last week, I attended a sourdough bread class at Kitchen Conservatory. And I came home with a bit of starter.

By Friday morning, after feeding the starter a third time, the sour, fermenting liquid was ready to become bread.

And so it was that my journey began.

I spent a good chunk of Friday mixing, resting, pulling, resting, and finally shaping what would become two loaves of bread.

Knowing I would not have time on Friday evening to bake them, I chose to let them have their final rise in the fridge, and I baked them on Saturday morning.

Comparing the photos of these to the ones from class, and also comparing the taste and consistency, I realize that I underbaked these by about five minutes. But for a first attempt, I’m not too awfully unhappy!

I already have Tuesday time blocked out to work on two more loaves!

By the way, the loaf with the more elaborate scoring went nearly immediately to Elizabeth and James and Olivette, my next-door neighbors. The gifting of bread has started.