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Senior recital

My three seniors have now completed their senior recital. Two of them are off to college soon.

Sydney Jones, Jett Blackorby, and Maria Knasel had a good day Sunday.  Our recital featured solo songs, duets, and trios. I’m deeply in awe of these three, and going to miss their banter and fun.

And that same evening I caught two of these students in Footloose at the Muny!

Memories: senior recital

Twenty years ago today, my then-seniors in high school sang a senior recital.

I found the program in my father’s belongings.

Of these students, I visited with Matt Wilson in Chicago two or three years ago, and Jimmy Boswell is a Facebook friend.  The rest have disappeared.

These students were an especially good group, and I adored teaching them.

Senior recital

Aaron sang his Senior Recital on Sunday afternoon.

He and I have had a three-year road. Along the way, he’s been an all-district chorister for four years; an all-state chorister for two; an all-national NAfMe choir member this school year; and a SWACDA all-divisional choir member this year. He’s taken Gold ratings at state contest both time he went with vocal solos. And he’s played cello in his school orchestra, soloed with the choir and the orchestra, soloed with the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra holiday pops concert, and found time to be a competitive swimmer.

And be top in his class at Pattonville High School.

Kids like this make a teacher’s life heaven. I love this guy to pieces.

I shall miss Aaron tremendously when he goes off to Miami University of Ohio in August. We get a few more sessions of singing, though, in the midst of my travels and his summer schedule.