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Sweetie Pie’s

I made my first, and certainly not my last, venture to the local restaurant Sweetie Pie’s this weekend.

O my!

Notice the size of the knife compared to the size of the plate of meatloaf, green beans, mac & cheese, and cornbread.


I made two meals out of this.  D didn’t, finishing his entire plate in one go.



I’m taking a holiday.

Late breakfast was at Uncle Bill’s on South Kingshighway.  My corned beef hash with biscuits was yummy.

Cherries can stain fingers.  I found that out today when I cut and pitted several cups of cherries for tonight’s dessert.

My new neighbor to the north has mimicked my giant KU flag with a little teensy UK flag of his own, inserted in one of his flowering pots on the porch.

I have replaced my KU flag for a while with the Saint Louis city flag.

And BOY, is it hot out there!?!!


People living in this country have a love affair with ice.

No matter where else I travel outside of the USA, I never get as much ice as I do here at home.

Years ago, I grew quickly to love soft drinks that are essentially at room temperature, thanks to a trip to Brasil where I had one ice cube in a glass when ordering a Coke in a restaurant.

Then a trip to Canada cemented my OK-ness with minimal or no ice.

So today, at Qdoba by my hotel here in Lincoln, I watched high school kid after high school kid go to the self-service soft drink station.  Each one would watch the ice fall into the cup, and then click once more for two more cubes, or pour out five cubes only to add one more.

There’s nothing scientific here, and no reason for this other than cultural preferences and long habit and conditioning.

I wish we didn’t waste all that ice, though, as that means we are also wasting water that has been purified and chemicalized.

I’ll add this crusade to my one-man crusade against using handicap-assist buttons on doors when we are fully-abled.