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Reminiscences: moving to Kansas

Found in my father’s belongings: this postcard, addressed to my grandmother, giving my new address in Kansas when I moved there on January 2, 1997.

The “choking back tears” reference proved false. My three years at KU, and most of that also living in Lawrence, were the single best three years of my life to date.

Reminiscences: a new job

This clipping from the local Blue Springs newspaper announces my appointment in 1993 to the adjunct faculty at Graceland College in Iowa. I taught part-time there for three years, whilst also teaching at the local community college and at the University of Central Missouri (as lecturer in music).

Reminiscences: the bill

In my father’s belongings were two documents related to my birth in 1961.

I was born at Southern Baptist Hospital in New Orleans. The total hospital bill was $113.45, which included four nights in a semi-private room (for my mother, of course) and $30 for the delivery room charge.

Care to know how crazy our health-care costs are now? That $113.45 in 1961 is still less than $1000 in today’s dollars!