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Four hours later

After four hours in the yard today, I am resting from my labours.

One of my fine voice students stopped by to help me turn a bunch of dirt so I could plant flowers and sow seeds.  I feed him and sent him on his way, happy from his time with a shovel and a rake, and filled with salad and pasta.

Now at 3 p.m., I am finished too.  The garage is swept and tidied.  The lawn is mowed and trimmed, at least most of it trimmed, since the battery gave out.  I’ll finish that up tomorrow.


I have sown seeds of wildflowers and zinnias and mix of seeds for cut flowers.

And I’ve planted my own starts of foxglove and dahlias, both perennials.  I purchased and planted some impatiens for the front porch hanging baskets.  I also planted cylcamen and verbena, the latter as a border.


We moved a hosta today as well, and pulled up two monkey grass clumps that just weren’t growing.

And I’m delighted to report that the raspberry bush is indeed sprouting leaves that will turn into limbs.  I may have berries next year, and most certainly should in two.

The lilac bush is hanging on.  It has sprouted this year a number of shoots from the base, so I’m hoping for even more flowers next year.

The hydrangeas I planted last year may not bloom this year, but they are doing well and will eventually show color.

Now for a nap before dinner and a concert tonight.

Before and after

After two hours in the yard today, both of my little plots of earth look much better.  I still have a ways to go in the back yard as I clean up winter’s mess, but the outlines are stronger and the possibilities are becoming clear.

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My journey to Lowe’s this morning opened up for me a wealth of flower options.  This is going to be a wildflower year, with zinnias, hollyhock, and others goodies thrown around too.

I planted a raspberry bush today too.