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Summer is finally here.  I’m sorry that summer saw fit to arrive three days before the new school year arrives, though!

After the scorching hell of July and the first two weeks of August, summer is welcome indeed.  I have my windows open and am enjoying a breeze.  The flowers outdoors look healthier.  And the crape myrtles are in full bloom again.

I rose this morning to a text from N, who joined me for a BBQ brisket lunch and some flower buying at Soulard Market.  We also stopped by Florists Row for more flowers for his apartment.

Having now put zinnias from the market in four rooms of my house, and having finished some laundry and tidied, I’m thinking of a brief nap.  K is due at some point, perhaps for us to ride bikes, or perhaps just to grill some food and enjoy being outdoors.

I did make it to work today to do some testing of the new music theatre students.  Samson the Feist rode along and greeted people with his usual tail-wagging barkfest.


8 a.m. Wednesday.  I’ve already soaked the flower beds in the back yard and given the thirsty front-porch coleus, impatiens, creeping jenny, tickweed, and ferns a big drink.

Lordy, this weather!

The flowers don’t like the temperature at all.  Even the zinnias have stopped flowering.  I miss my colorful yard.

Breakfast was granola with milk, then some raspberries, then an Eckert’s peach.

I’m due today to do some composing, but not until I’ve dealt with office email….

Samson snores

Samson the Feist, worn out after his long ordeal (a bath and nail trim and ear clean and tooth brushing and that other thing they do), having now had his supper, exhausted after spending time in the heat with me outdoors today, is now gently snoring at my side.  His little doggie pillow came with him from the Humane Society several years ago.  It’s one of four pillows/beds he has in this house.

I personally am also worn out after all the yard work today.  I planted flowers and ornamental grass in one of the front flower beds this afternoon in addition to all the other work today.

The one thing not done today is the car washing and waxing.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Not quite noon

It’s not quite noon on Saturday.  I’m feeling accomplished today.

After rising at 7 and having poached eggs and an orange for breakfast, I mowed and trimmed the yard, then set about weeding the flower beds.  K decided my yard looked ‘weedy.’ I reminded him that I’m going for the English garden look, with perennials and wildflowers lining the edges of the yard.  But he was right: the time had come to weed.  So I did.

After a bike ride around Forest Park (and those blasted hills on the south side), I was home to continue weeding.  Then I pulled and replanted several Asiatic lilies and dealt with some stealth daffodil bulbs that were hiding where I wanted to plant.

I also cut some flowers from the yard and put a small arrangement on the mantle, with a few orange mums in a tiny vase on the kitchen table too.  One does like fresh flowers.

Now, with yard-watering still in progress (the hose on a slow stream so that the ground receives a fair soaking), I’m heading to laundry time.

Samson the Feist goes to the groomer in a bit; I’ll do my grocery shopping and run by Home Depot while he’s being primped.

Four minutes to noon, and I’m having a fine day!

But what’s with this heat?  In June??